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Furniture delivery with Muvzilla: easier than ever!

Organizing a small move or a furniture delivery by yourself is tedious. Muvzilla’s service will do all the work for you: book your movers with transporter immediately and online. The professionals will come to your home and transport your things then, when you want.

You benefit from this 



Furniture delivery always when you want


Professional and friendly

Lots of inclusive services: Transportation is provided by moving experts. They carry your furniture into the house and also assemble it in the new home.

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Included services

Your quote price automatically includes delivery and installation.


Professional recycling

We also take care of the recycling of any packaging materials for you – if you want us to.

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Furniture delivery or small move coming up? Go as fast as never before!

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Save it

Save money and nerves with your next furniture delivery: No more tedious comparison of offers, but have furniture transported now.

With Muvzilla you book your furniture delivery on the day you want. Let the professionals haul for you – Book Muvzilla Mover in the app or right here and benefit from the best conditions in Switzerland: pay only for what you really need.  

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You set the time – your helpers will be there. Never rent a vehicle again or haul it yourself.

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Much more convenient, faster and often significantly even cheaper than a delivery with conventional companies.



Furniture deliveries are the perfect solution for moving individual pieces – quickly and easily.

Furniture delivery is that simple:

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Provide a few details about your furniture delivery

Tell us when you want our movers to go where and if you need to transport a piano or grand piano. Immediately you will receive a quote.


We plan your furniture delivery

Within a few minutes you can exchange with Muvzilla Movers. You can then book them bindingly via app – and off you go.

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Ready and satisfied!

Once your piano transport is processed, you can give your stars. That’s it.

Have your furniture delivery costs estimated:

Enter a pickup and destination location and the number of items you want to transport. The price is a first estimate. You can book the binding price later in-app or online.

What is a small move or furniture delivery? 

When it comes to transporting a few pieces of furniture or moving boxes and thus cover short distances, we talk about furniture delivery. In the past, the organization was a complicated matter. Either you had to pick up the phone and call a few moving companies, or you went online and researched portals for quotes. Time-consuming and unnecessary. With Muvzilla, you create your order and can book your price right away if you are happy with it. This saves time! Once you have booked, our strong movers will come to your home and pick up your belongings.

How much do small moves or furniture deliveries cost?   

It is not easy to name a price here. In the city of Zurich, a moving company quickly charges a few hundred francs for a small move. With Muvzilla it works differently. With us you can pay per minute – so you only pay for what you need. The good thing about it: you don’t need to compare offers anymore, but find out right here how much your small move will cost. Because you can book immediately, you don’t have to wait long.

It is cheaper with Muvzilla. With us, you only need to call the service via app. You will immediately see how much your furniture delivery will cost you. If you are satisfied, you can book. And then relax.

This is what a satisfied customer says:

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I must say I am quite impressed with your reactivity to a last minute request. I totally appreciate it! Thank you.

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