Retirement has always been a frightening subject for those approaching the age of fifty and beyond. The prospect of living without a steady income in these uncertain economic times is daunting, and the majority of baby boomers approaching the age of 65 are often unprepared emotionally. Nonetheless, there is beauty in retirement, primarily because it is a time when you receive a well-earned reward for a career spent attempting to beat morning traffic, dealing with noisy and intrusive coworkers, and a boss who was constantly on your tail. With that said, you should not wait for it; rather, you should plan for it, particularly when it comes to financial problems. If you have lived in your country for the majority of your life, now is the ideal moment to relocate and enjoy a new life while also investing in a new business, as you are no longer bound by anything. There are numerous locations to pick from, and deciding on the best one may be very challenging, as each location has its own unique set of benefits to offer. That is why we have chosen to take you to the Middle East, and included below is a comprehensive list of Asia’s top twenty retirement cities.

Japan, Sapporo

Museums, modern retail malls, historic sites, parks, and art galleries are just a few of the city’s attractions. Sapporo, located on one of Japan’s largest islands, is an excellent retirement alternative for individuals who enjoy a little peace and tranquillity, as there is less traffic and congestion than in Tokyo. Winter is, nevertheless, a common occurrence here, and if you enjoy skiing, there is no better place to be than Sapporo. The cost of living is relatively reasonable, and the town benefits from good healthcare services, infrastructure, and even technology, owing to its population. However, obtaining a permanent visa is not straightforward.

Vietnam, Da Lat

With a retirement score of 19, Da Lat offers a large list of activities and attractions that will keep you occupied for so long that you won’t realize the day flying by. For example, it takes pride in its natural beauty, which includes waterfalls, pine forests, and lakes. It is primarily renowned for its sweet strawberries, which are grown on numerous farms and serve as a tourist attraction. Therefore, if you enjoy agricultural life, Dalat provides you with that opportunity. The temperature is likewise wonderful, despite periodic rain showers and mist in the morning, and consumer prices are quite low, as they are across Vietnam. It has a low crime rate and great healthcare facilities, as it is the provincial capital of Lam Dong. Nonetheless, there is no retirement visa system, and you must renew yours on a regular basis in order to remain lawfully present in Da Lat.

Philippines, Dumaguete

Dumaguete, commonly known to as the city of gentle people, is the ideal location for someone who enjoys leaving a laid-back lifestyle and going about their business. It has a moderate temperature and is still a growing town, which provides you with a plethora of investment opportunities. Additionally, the cost of living index is low, but the healthcare index is moderate. It is a lovely location with numerous educational institutions; therefore, if you are a teacher, you can always take on a part-time work to supplement your income.

Sai Kung, Hong Kong, People’s Republic of China

Hong Kong is also included in the list of top retirement destinations, and Sai Kung is an excellent choice. Located on the Sai Kung Peninsula, this town has one of the most gorgeous scenery and provides a variety of adventurous activities such as fishing and hiking. The transportation, communication, and health sectors are all fairly developed, providing ample investment potential. The cost of living is slightly more than in the center city of reference, but it is still cheaper than in the majority of European countries, so you should be able to survive. While there is no formal retirement visa program, you can enter the country with a long-term renewable nonresident visa.

Thailand, Hua Hin

The fact that it is not as well-known as Phuket adds to its appeal, as there is less congestion and traffic. It is surrounded by a huge sandy beach and has an excellent coastal stretch. Additionally, you can proudly call former coworkers and inform them that you reside in a royal town that is home to one of Thailand’s royal palaces. It’s all about relaxation, which is exactly what the majority of baby boomers require after years of living in bustling urban centers. It is significantly less expensive to live here, and the infrastructure is also quite developed.

South Korea, Gwangju

If you determine that South Korea is the best option for you, Gwangju is an amazing place to settle. It has a long and illustrious history, dating all the way back to 57 BC. Ancient temples and museums abound here, while the Asia Culture Center draws hundreds of tourists each year. It has a low crime rate, making it safe for you, and racism is unheard of here. The average cost of living is roughly $700, which indicates that anyone who has previously resided in the United States, Canada, or any other Western state can manage it efficiently.

China’s Shanghai

If you’re seeking for a city with highly developed economic and financial sectors, excellent infrastructure, a diverse array of information centers, and above all, pleasant people, your search ends in Shanghai, China. Shanghai is a metropolis with a varied selection of entertainment alternatives, owing to its consumer prices being 45.40 percent lower than those in New York.

Cambodia, Sihanoukville

This Cambodian city is known for its rich culture, nice people, stunning architectural monuments everywhere, affordable transportation prices, good healthcare facilities, and white sand beaches. If you enjoy gambling, Sihanoukville is an excellent retirement destination because it is home to numerous contemporary casinos that double as investment opportunities. Also known as Snookyville, the town offers a low cost of living, particularly in the housing sector, and is one of Cambodia’s fastest developing towns, making it an ideal commercial location. Additionally, its natural beaches provide a location for you to unwind and forget about your concerns as you enjoy your retirement.

Japan, Osaka

Japan’s second largest city is also an attractive retirement destination, with advanced healthcare facilities, a well-developed transportation system, and a friendly population. Additionally, it features a varied array of attractions not seen in many urban regions, including old temples, museums, and galleries. If you enjoy a fast-paced lifestyle, Osaka is a good choice. Although its PI is somewhat higher than that of Prague, it remains a more affordable option, with consumer costs 5.29 percent lower in Los Angeles and 22.97 percent lower in New York. Additionally, the visa application process is straightforward, and the educational facilities make it an ideal location for you to live with your grandchildren.

Brunei Bandar

Brunei, located in Southeast Asia, is a country that few people are familiar with, but it is home to one of the greatest retirement cities on our list. Brunei is also called as “the abode of peace,” indicating that it is a secure location. It is a pleasant small city with a low population; as a result, you may immediately detect a market gap and start a business in this town. As with the other cities on our list, it has a low cost of living, with residents paying 8.23 percent more in rent and 4.79 percent less for restaurant meals. However, because gas and oil are the town’s key economic drivers, you may have to pay a little more for food. As a result, agriculture is a rewarding sector to invest in.

Indonesian island of Bali

Indonesia has always been a sanctuary for baby boomers, with Bali being one of their favorite cities. There are various reasons for this, one of which being its stunning terrain and countless attractions, which also contribute to its popularity as a tourist destination. It is a Muslim nation, and similar to many cities in the Middle East, retiring here is less expensive than settling in Europe or the United States. A retiree in East London, for example, will pay 33.48 percent more than one in Bali. While one can apply for a retiree visa, the process is considerably more onerous than in Thailand or Malaysia. It benefits from a favorable climate and infrastructure, as well as an excellent healthcare system.

Thailand, Phuket

Thailand has long been a favorite destination for tourists and retirees alike. There are numerous reasons for this, but the most compelling is due to the simplicity with which a visa can be obtained and the abundance of livable towns, like Phuket. If you fall into the sixteen until I die group, Phuket is the right destination for you because it is recognized for its broad array of entertainment venues and the beach provides the ultimate in relaxation if you are the type of person who prefers to keep things low-key. Apart from the attractions, you can invest in the tourism sector, since it is constantly visited, and you have no cause to be concerned about the cost of living, security, or health issues. For example, consumer prices are just 1.44 percent higher than in Prague but 36.97 percent cheaper than in Los Angeles, indicating that you can live comfortably.

Philippines, Tagaytay

The Philippines, in general, is one of Asia’s best retirement destinations. It’s simple to obtain a visa, and once you do, Tagaytay is an excellent choice. It takes pride in its gorgeous terrain and cool climate, which allows for a wide variety of activities. The cost of living is likewise modest, with food costing 18.17 percent less than they do in Prague. The city is still in its infancy, which only adds to its appeal, as there are several investment opportunities that have yet to be realized. Due to the low crime rate and moderate healthcare index, it is recommended that you obtain medical coverage in case you believe it is insufficient.

India, Mumbai

Although the media is constantly attempting to depict India in a negative light, it is incredibly beautiful and also one of the finest places to retire, particularly Mumbai. It is India’s most known city, and as such, the government has made tremendous advances in making it a better environment for health care, and it is widely regarded as the sector’s leader due to the city’s several prominent private clinics and hospitals. Additionally, it has a lower price index, and when consumer costs are compared to Prague, the key reference city, they are 36.86 percent lower, while rent is 4.58 percent less expensive. There are numerous sights and activities, so boredom is a thing of the past. As the world’s largest developing city, retirees have a plethora of investment options. It is ranked 115th on the list of Asia’s most livable cities.


If you’ve never read about this country, you’re probably wondering why we’ve referred to it as a whole, but fear not, we’ve got you covered. Singapore is a city-state, which implies it is both a country and a nation. It is an island republic and is one of the most beautiful places on Earth, earning it the moniker “garden city.” As an island nation, it attracts a large number of tourists throughout the year, which makes it an ideal location for business travelers, as there are several investment opportunities. Everything about it, from its infrastructure to its tranquil atmosphere, inexpensive cost of living, good health care, and nice people, makes it a top choice for many retirees. For example, the cost of living is 15% lower than in the United States and 13% lower than in London. It ranks 35th on the list of the world’s most livable cities, which should dispel any misgivings you had about this city-state.

Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, located in the center of the Malaysian Peninsula, is a city of delights and a haven for many retirees. It is a gorgeous city with two of the world’s tallest towers. This city greets you with a contemporary transportation system, shopping malls, a pleasant climate, friendly people, and gorgeous beaches. It gets even better because the cost of living is so low that you now pay 75.31 percent less rent than you would have spent in Los Angeles. As one of the fastest developing cities in the Middle East, medical care is excellent, and while crime was fairly high three years ago, it is improving daily. Additionally, there is a retirement visa program that makes migration less stressful.

Thailand, Chiang Mai

We are all aware of how hectic life in a major city can be, which is why Chiang Mai is a viable option. As Thailand’s second city, there is less traffic and commotion from larger cities. While not as developed as Bangkok, Chiang Mai offers a low cost of living and is an ideal site to invest and contribute to the city’s progress. It has an inviting atmosphere and even provides all you require, so you will have no reason to complain. Additionally, the medical institutions are equipped with cutting-edge equipment, and the area has a low crime rate. Additionally, the procedure of obtaining a visa is simplified, and as a consequence, you will meet a large number of other retirees, who will make your life easier because you will now be surrounded by others who share your history. It is the ideal retirement location if all you desire is a tranquil and quiet existence.

Philippines, Cebu

Cebu is another popular destination for baby boomers, which is unsurprising. With its low crime rate, beautiful climate, ancient architectural landmarks, warm and friendly people, delicious food, and a plethora of other attractions, who wouldn’t want to live here? It earned a 12 on the retirement scale, and its cost of living is modest, particularly when it comes to health care and domestic use. Additionally, the locals have a strong knowledge of the English language, which eliminates communication hurdles. Obtaining a retirement visa, on the other hand, is fairly difficult, as is buying a piece of Cebu.

Taiwan, Taipei

Taiwan as a country prides itself on a plethora of attractions and a slew of retiree-friendly incentives, so you can anticipate even more from its capital city Taiwan. Its low cost of living is the primary aspect that draws you in before considering other factors. For example, consumer costs are 18.51 percent lower than in London, while rent prices are 41.93 percent lower. To top it off, the city’s infrastructure is advanced, and its medical facilities are world-class. Additionally, it is an ideal location for starting and operating a business. During your leisure time, there are numerous attractions, such as Taipei 101, which is the city’s most prominent landmark, towering 508 meters above the metropolis. Additionally, there are numerous Asian temples and museums.

Malaysia, George Town

Malaysia as a whole is a gorgeous country and a popular retirement destination for many retirees, so you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting the ideal city. However, when security, technology, health, and general cost of life are considered, George Town is a really good alternative. There are numerous other retirees here, mostly from European countries, so you will not feel out of place. As the capital of Malaysia’s tropical island of Penang, you can be certain that it will not disappoint in terms of attractions and things to do. As evidence that George Town is deserving of inclusion on our list, it was recently voted Asia’s eighth most livable city and Malaysia’s first most livable city. It boasts relatively inexpensive living costs and globally approved medical facilities, so you do not need to fly overseas to receive proper medical care.

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