Do you need a new bed? Or do you want to transport your old bed from your old apartment to your new home? In both cases, the transport of an often bulky piece of furniture is on the agenda.

If you are having your bed delivered, then proper preparation is half the battle. But what can you do to make the transport as pleasant as possible? And what providers are there to help you with this?

Have your bed delivered – this makes it easier

Many beds can be disassembled into their individual parts. With the appropriate tools, you can thus disassemble even screwed bed frames quite easily.

If this is possible, they should definitely disassemble your bed. In this way, you can save yourself a lot of money. Especially if you send this by mail. In addition, disassembling the bed into its individual parts also has the advantage that you can pack them safely for transport.

With the mattress, however, this is a bit more difficult. You should only send the disassembled bed frame by mail. If you want to have the complete bed delivered, then this is considered by the logistics companies as transport of bulky goods.

Providers with which you can have your bed delivered to you

One way to get your bed from one place to another is by mail. If you can completely disassemble your bed, you should definitely do so. In this case, you will pay much less for the service. In this case, pay attention to the specified maximum dimensions. There are strict rules about what goes and what does not, a bed quickly falls under the restrictions. Provided that you decide to do so and the post office allows it, then you should expect a maximum delivery time of two weeks.

Another option to transport your bed is a shipping company. However, how much it will cost depends on how big your bed is. The weight will also affect how much money you will have to pay for this service. The advantage of a freight forwarding company is that they will pick up your belongings right from your doorstep. Thus, you can conveniently have your bed delivered through such a company when you move. In addition, forwarders are much faster than parcel service providers. Expect your bed to be in your home within one to three business days.

Pack the bed securely for transport

If you have your bed delivered and it has been disassembled into its individual parts, then you must of course pack it securely. In this way, you can be sure that your piece of bedroom furniture will arrive in one piece. In this part of our article, we will give you a few tips on how best to proceed.

It is important that you stick the individual parts of your bed together with adhesive tape. In the hardware store you can even get adhesive tape, which is specially designed for furniture. The peculiarity of this is that it will not damage the color of your bed. If your bed has drawers, you should also secure them with this special tape.

The corners and edges of your bed should be additionally padded. Bubble wrap is particularly excellent for this. It’s better to use one layer too many than too little, too. After everything is ready, wrap your entire bed once again with this bubble wrap. Afterwards, secure everything additionally once again with tape.

If you have a shipping company deliver your bed, you may even be able to save this step. Some providers even offer the professional packing of your furniture as an additional service. Then you can sit back and relax as the staff will take care of everything. However, this service also costs a bit more.

Why have your old bed delivered and not buy a new one?

Have you already wondered whether it would not be more advantageous to buy a new bed right away? Well, if you absolutely want to have a new piece of bedroom furniture, of course, you can go for it. But if you are exclusively concerned about the price, then it is better to have your previous bed delivered.

If you take your old bed with you when you move, then only the cost of transportation will come to you. If you have your own vehicle with a trailer, you can save even more. Because in this case, you do not have to rent a transport truck.
On the other hand, if you buy a new bed, then you will have to pay much more. You will need not only a new bed frame, but also a new slatted frame and a new mattress.

Furthermore, you have certainly already become accustomed to your bed. Especially when you move, it’s nice to have something familiar in the new environment as well.

Now you know how you can have your bed delivered. Whether you do it on your own or through a service provider. Either way, you’ll be looking forward to falling asleep relaxed in your new apartment in their cozy bed.

Do you have any further questions? Then simply write us a message. We will be happy to give you more tips or recommend forwarding companies in your area.

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