The moving checklist Switzerland: Stress-free move

So that nothing is forgotten, it helps: the moving checklist Switzerland.
Because a move needs to be well planned.

Moving Checklist

At Muvzilla, we know exactly what’s involved in a move. Here we
show you what you should do and when, and what to look out for.
With the Muvzilla checklist you move relaxed.

3 months before the move:

3 months before the move, there is not much to do yet. Here, the focus is on tasks to prepare for your move. Depending on how your housing rent contract is structured, some tasks may be omitted. Whether you need to find a new tenant or should make small repairs depends entirely on your old contract. We have compiled the Moving Checklist Switzerland for you here, so that you are perfectly prepared.

3 Monate vor Umzug (en)

Checklist move – 2 months before the move:

Now your relocation preparations are picking up speed. Here is our checklist for 2 months before your move in Switzerland.

2 Monate vor Umzug (en)

Checklist move – 2 weeks before the move:

There is a lot to do in the two weeks before your move. Just stick to our moving checklist Switzerland, then nothing will be forgotten.

2 Wochen vor Umzug (en)

Checklist move – 1 week before the move:

Your move is just around the corner. With this checklist Moving Switzerland you can start with the final preparations.

1 Woche vor Umzug (en)

On the day of the move:

Today is the big day. Thanks to good preparation, the move will be a child’s play.

Am Tag des Umzugs (en)

After the move:

Even after the move, there are still a few things to do. Once you have completed the checklist for moving to Switzerland, it’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy your new home.

Nach dem Umzug (en)