Comparing moving quotes – The most important facts in a nutshell
Comparing quotes can prove to be very tedious, as not every moving company designs the quote the same way and includes the same services.
In order to compare quotes effectively, it is important that all moving companies are provided with the same information. Otherwise, you run the risk of comparing “pears” with “apples”.

Compare moving quotes – Inclusive services of your offer

An existing quote should always be thoroughly reviewed in terms of services:

Have all the requirements you mentioned been taken into account and are the individual services clearly presented? Details such as special packing materials (e.g. wooden crate for pictures), equipment (e.g. external furniture lift) and access to the domicile (removal route, floor surcharge, etc.) should be carefully analyzed.

Be critical of particularly low-priced offers. Black sheep cavort in the moving industry and lure customers with non-transparent offers.

In particular, compare the estimated number of hours for the move. If a company quotes relatively few hours, the bill may be much higher than planned. For very low-priced moving quotes, it is highly recommended checking the service ratio.

Assess the quality, experience and reputability of a moving company.

You should consider the following points when comparing.

  1. Moving companies must be registered in the Swiss Commercial Register (entry can be checked at
  2. Do you have an official contact person who is always available to answer questions or concerns?
  3. Does the company employ a well-established moving team, or are temporary workers employed?
  4. Is the material provided? The cost of trucks, elevators and other materials should be discussed and determined in advance.
  5. Does the company have liability insurance?
  6. Ask for references.

Watch out for hidden costs. Moving companies may charge you extra for the following items if they are not already included in the price or quote:

  • Fuel
  • VAT
  • Heavy items (piano, washing machine, etc.)
  • Travel to/from domicile
  • External furniture lift

We hope we could give you an overview of what you have to pay attention to when you want to compare offers.

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