A light switch is the main source of illumination in our homes. Typically, it’s connected to a power cable that transmits electricity from an outlet to the light switch. There are three wires coming out of a standard light switch: red, black and white. These wires can be connected to separate circuits with or without a neutral wire. The following article will explain how to connect your light switch using a circuit breaker box.

What do you need to know before connecting a light switch?

Before you start wiring your light switch, it’s important to know what you’re doing. You’ll need:

A circuit breaker box that can handle 24 amps

A dryer outlet

A 240V wire with a terminal block and screw terminals

A red wire with wire nuts

A black wire with wire nuts

Two white wires with wire nuts

Two green wires with wire nuts

How to make a circuit breaker box

At the beginning, the fuses are issued. You will need a circuit breaker box, an electrical outlet and a light switch. The first step is to install the outlet where you want it. The outlet should be located in a central location near your light switch. Place the outlet in the center of the wall and screw it into the drywall. It should be at least 4-6 inches from any other electrical outlets or other wires. 

First, use wire strippers to remove about 3/4 inch from each wire coming out of the outlet (red, black and white). These wires should now be bare and ready to go on their respective ends with no insulation. Then you’ll need to insert these bare wires into each end of your circuit breaker box’s terminal strip. You can use all three wires by switching them around if you like; just make sure they’re labeled correctly (white = red = black). Next, attach one wire on each side of your circuit breaker box

Connect your light switch

To connect your light switch, you will need to know the circuit breaker box you have. The wires that come out of a light switch are labeled red, black and white while the circuit breaker box is labeled with numbers.

To connect your light switch, follow these steps:

1) Remove the existing wire from the light switch.

2) Cut a wire in half to make two pieces of equal length.

3) Connect one piece of wire to each number on the breaker box. 

4) Twist together the two pieces of wire for a secure connection between them. 

5) Connect the other end of each twisted wire to a wire coming out of your light switch. 

6) Reconnect the other end of each twisted wire to an outlet or power cable coming from the wall.


If you have a dimmer switch, you might want to consider replacing it with a light switch that you can use to control the brightness of your lights.

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