Would you like to know the cost of moving? But feel overwhelmed with all the things to consider and know, then feel free to read our text with some tips and tricks on how to move to your new home easily and quickly with the least possible effort.

We will show you the costs, which you need to consider, with the different variants of how a move can be done.

Cost of moving with your own muscle power

First, of course, pack everything you want to take with you, this is important to see in advance whether you may need to rent a car or a van. For a van you have to calculate between 70-130 CHF for half a day of use. On the weekends you have to count with most providers even with surcharges of 5-20 CHF. However, this does not include the equipment, often money is required if you want equipment such as lashing straps. Such auxiliary material is needed to secure the load, with a good securing damage can be avoided. In addition to these direct costs must also be refueled, where again a lot can be added, depending on distance and vehicle.

Here, the salary of helpers is also added, if you want to get some to support you. In Switzerland you have to calculate about 50 CHF per hour for a helper plus possibly food or a small tip. In addition to the direct costs, the indirect costs must also be taken into account, so each of the helpers must take time to help you with the move. You will also have to take a day off (or several days, depending on the size of the apartment) and will not earn any money, or you will not spend your vacations relaxing but doing physically tiring work.

For a move that lasts a day and where there is a lot of furniture to move, the cost is a bit higher because you have to pay different prices for the rental car/van and for the helpers. 

From the moment when a furniture truck is included, which holds the size of a transport, other sums are also calculated for the helpers. Then for an apartment from a size of 3 rooms an hourly rate of 240-300 CHF, but here the costs are calculated on 2 people / helper. Depending on the size of the apartment, the cost flat rate will also be accordingly higher. 

The costs when you work with professionals

The third and last variant is to let the whole thing be done without any stress by a moving company, which then independently takes care of the transporter, dismantles and moves the furniture at your place and then reassembles it in the new apartment/house. This is probably the variant that in the end many would like to choose, because you do not have to stress and mess yourself. Also, the possibility of accidentally breaking something because you have not paid enough attention would thus be done. This can save you high new acquisition and repair costs.

Various factors affect the cost of a move. The number of rooms is one factor. In addition, of course, it also depends on how far apart the two locations of your new home and your old home are. In addition, two other decisive factors are the quantity, i.e. how many cubic meters and how many helpers are needed. This can then cause the price to rise or fall again.

And another thing you must not forget of course, the food and / or the tip for the workers. In doing so, you should provide some food and drink for you, depending on your preference, or give you a tip in advance so that you can buy food for yourself at lunchtime. In Switzerland one calculates there gladly with circa 40-50 CHF for two persons. 

We hope we can be of some help when you are about to calculate the cost of moving and give you some idea about the total costs. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us and we will help you as much as possible.

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