& recycling

Are you tired of doing the disposal
and recycling yourself? Or do you have a decluttering coming up? Book a
Muvzilla mover. These take care of
the furniture pickup and disposal ?? for you.

Monitor your transport in real time – conveniently from your cell phone.

Disposal and recycling with Muvzilla: Don’t lift a finger
anymore ☝?

Muvzilla is an Uber-like platform where you can find licensed and vetted companies for waste disposal, moving and transportation. Via app you get instant access to experienced disposal teams – at a great price.
Whether you want to dispose of a sofa or individual large items, or have your entire apartment removed at once: It’s now as easy as calling a cab! The professionals will come to your home on the desired date and conveniently remove your belongings. Let the professionals transport for you!
In the Muvzilla app you can find your disposal helpers instantly. Book your Muvzilla Mover in the app or right here. Benefit from the most favorable conditions in Switzerland: you pay per minute. So only for what you really need.

Fast disposal

Recycling and disposal whenever you
want – at the push of a button

Included services

Your quote price for de-cluttering automatically
includes the cost of disposal.

Professional and friendly

No more tedious vehicle searches, just have the professionals haul away old stuff.


The disposal is carried out by professionals. They pick up your things and recycle them professionally.

Professional recycling

We also take care of the recycling of any packaging materials for you – if you want us to.

Save it

Save yourself the time and the fees: Instead of planning your next trip to the dump, plan something you’ll really enjoy.

This is what a
satisfied customers

It was super fast and there were really friendly moving staff. It was great that I didn’t have to take care of the disposal myself. I would definitely recommend it and will be happy to book again next time!

Jane R., Therwil

Why book Muvzilla for disposal and recycling?


You set the time – your helpers will be there. Never rent a vehicle again or haul it yourself.


Much more convenient, faster and often much cheaper than delivery with conventional companies.


The perfect solution for any type of furniture delivery. Individual pieces or the whole living room.

Removal and recycling now becomes agile, flexible and easily accessible via app: Regional removal companies are to benefit from digitalization by offering their services on the Muvzilla on-demand platform. You as a customer can access it quickly and at any time. This is how we create a unique, logistical power structure that supports us in our everyday work.

Muvzilla is a Swiss startup that is shaking up an industry. The moving concierge service allows you to dispose of just one item or even an entire building simply by pressing a button.

Furniture disposal Switzerland – it’s that simple:


Provide a few details

Tell us when our movers should go where and what
they need to dispose. Immediately you will receive a


We plan your de-cluttering

Within a few minutes you can exchange with the
Muvzilla movers. You can then book them obligatorily via
app – and off you go.


Ready and satisfied with your furniture

Once your furniture disposal is handled, you can award
your stars. That’s it.

When there is a move or a home makeover, the old stuff usually has to go. Also the purchase of new electrical appliances entails that the old equipment must be disposed of. Quick and professional decluttering is the motto! But how? Especially if you live in the city and don’t have a vehicle, it’s a hassle. Muvzilla’s service does all the work for you: book helpers with transporters for disposal and recycling immediately and online. The professionals will come to your home and remove all your belongings quickly and easily. Of course, we not only take care of the transport, but also the professional disposal.

Apartment de-cluttering

Whether a move is pending, a room is to be completely renovated or the entire basement is to be cleared out – lots of stuff accumulates that needs to be disposed of.
Some things like clothes or small electrical appliances are quick and easy to dispose of. But where to put the furniture? And how do you organize the removal? Do you know how to properly dispose of an oven or a stove? And what about the construction waste from the renovated living room? Don’t ask yourself complicated questions, let Muvzilla take care of your head.

♻️? The disposal and recycling services of Muvzilla: ?♻️

Washing machine disposal
Sofa disposal
Bed disposal
Dispose of tables and chairs
Furniture and packaging recycling