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Muvzilla is a Swiss startup that is shaking up an industry. The moving concierge service allows you to move just one item or even an entire building simply by pressing a button. Goes for express moves and any other moving service for Switzerland. The first Swiss moving company by app!

Fastest express move

Any moves whenever you want – at the touch of a button

Included services

Your quote price for the move
automatically includes any recycling
and disposal costs.

Professional and fast

No more tedious vehicle search, just have
your belongings transported by
our friendly professionals.


Your express move will be done by professionals.
They will pick up your belongings and reassemble
them in the new home if you wish.

Professional recycling

We also take care of the disposal or recycling of any
packaging materials for you – if you want us to.

Save yourself: book the express move

Save yourself time and the fees: Instead of planning
your next move, plan something you really enjoy.

This is what a
satisfied customer

It was super fast and there were really
friendly movers I loved that I didn’t
have to take care of the move myself. I
definitely recommend Muvzilla and will
be happy to book again next time!

Jorge F., Thun

Why book Muvzilla for your express removals?

In the Muvzilla app you can find your movers instantly. Book the Muvzilla movers in the app or right here. Benefit from the most favorable conditions in Switzerland: pay per minute. So only for what you really needen.

Professional movers

Save on your express move

Your belongings are secured

Moving is now becoming agile, flexible and easily accessible via app: Regional moving companies are to benefit from digitalization by offering their services on the Muvzilla on-demand platform. As a customer, you can access it quickly and at any time. This is how we create a unique, logistical power structure that supports us all in our everyday lives.

In the Muvzilla app you can find your movers instantly. Book the Muvzilla movers in the app or right here. Benefit from the most favorable conditions in Switzerland: pay per minute. So only for what you really need.

Express removals it’s that simple::


Provide a few details:

Tell us when you want our movers to go where
and what you need them to transport express. Immediately you will receive a quote. You pay no premium for the express service!


We plan your express move

Within a few minutes you can exchange with the Muvzilla movers. You can then book them bindingly via app – and off you go.


Ready and satisfied!

Once your express move is processed,
you can award your stars. That’s it.

Moving can be quite exhausting. Even if it’s just a furniture delivery from A to B: bulky pieces of furniture just won’t fit in your car and the boxes are way too heavy. Then it rains on your moving day and your movers cancel by the dozen. You can save yourself the time and nerves with Muvzilla.

Express moves become easier if they are well planned. There are a few things to consider: How much time do you have for the move? Do you want to move only individual pieces of furniture or your entire apartment? How many movers do you need? Which vehicles are suitable for the transport? Quite a lot to sort out, then… Don’t feel like dealing with the planning? How about a moving concierge service instead? For that, we are your perfect contact. Download our app before your express move. In just a few clicks, we’ll take care of the move for you.

How does Muvzilla help you with express moves?

With Muvzilla, your express move throughout Switzerland will be more convenient than ever. Because we have strong movers, the right vehicles and a lot of experience with organizing transports. In addition, we create a schedule for the entire move. So you can take care of the important things in life and enjoy a pleasant lifestyle.

Book express move via app

Whether it’s just the transport of individual pieces of furniture or the entire move: with the Muvzilla app, you can book your private move immediately, without long waiting times. Your move to a new apartment share, the change of apartment or moving in with your partner will be quick. Download the app and specify what you want to have transported in just a few clicks. You book when it suits you. No annoying opening hours or telephone waiting loops.

Know beforehand how much your express move will cost

In the Muvzilla app you can see how much the move will cost before you book. If you are satisfied with the price, you can book right away. You don’t have to get numerous offers for the express move and compare them in a time-consuming way, but have all the information ready with just a few clicks.

Sit back and let Muvzilla organize your move

Simply tell us your pickup and delivery address in the app. We will take care of the rest. You won’t have to carry heavy furniture or drive back and forth all day. Instead, sit back and let Muvzilla handle your express move. You can track the move in real time via app and get status updates so you know how far we are even when you’re chilling.

How much do express moves cost?

The cost of your quick move varies greatly depending on the city and the volume of transportation. In Zurich, for example, moving logistics companies charge around CHF 700 for a furniture delivery. The commissioning process is also complicated and time-consuming. Even if you only rent a transporter and you and your friends do the hauling yourself, you usually pay too much. With Muvzilla, you can make express moves much more cost-effective. Our unique network of partners and our innovative concept make this possible. This makes us the fastest and cheapest service for removals in Switzerland.