Today, we’re going to show you some great Google Assistant skills.

As you’re probably already aware, Google Assistant is the voice assistant that comes pre-installed on Android and Google Pixel smartphones, as well as smart speakers.

You’ll experience the same hands-free ease whether you use your AI-powered companion on a Google Home speaker or your phone. Additionally, you’ll benefit from Google’s powerful search capabilities, which outperform Alexa’s in that department.

Without further ado, here are ten practical tips for getting the most out of Google Assistant on a variety of devices.

Ten Amazing Things That Google Assistant Is Capable Of

  1. Locate Your Phone
  2. Activate Apps Using Voice Commands
  3. Begin Your Day Properly
  4. Maintain Complete Control Over Every Aspect of Your Smart Home
  5. Have Google Assistant Read The News
  6. When You’re On The Go, Send Voice Messages
  7. Virtual Assistant as a Translator
  8. Prepare to Watch Netflix and Relax Hands-Free
  9. Never Forget Another Appointment
  10.  Use Your Camera to Identify Your Surroundings

1) Locate Your Phone

There are few things more infuriating than searching for your phone as you prepare to leave.

Google Assistant can assist you in locating it if you have a Google Home smart speaker connected. Simply inquire as to the whereabouts of your phone, and your virtual butler will retrieve it.

This method works regardless of whether your phone is set to Do Not Disturb or Silent mode.

2) Activate Apps Using Voice Commands

Do you lead a hectic lifestyle and maintain a burgeoning digital presence?

If you wish to access apps such as Gmail, you can do so simply instructing Google Assistant to do so.

If you enjoy the thought of watching your email for vital incoming messages while busy in the kitchen with dirty hands, this is a great addition. It’s especially useful if you’re on the run and juggling multiple tasks.

While these first two suggestions are straightforward, they are really useful, so be sure to incorporate them into your arsenal.

What else is there?

3) Begin Your Day Properly

Utilize Google Assistant to assist you in settling into your days without the need to go for an alarm clock.

On a fundamental level, your digital assistant can awaken you when instructed. If you’re not a fan of standard alarm tones, Google Assistant can play songs from your music services or specialized playlists. For the initial few minutes after awakening, listen to anything relaxing. Then, instruct your smart speaker to boost your energy levels in preparation for the day.

You may use Google Routines to have your alarm activate additional tasks. Your Google Routine may operate as a virtual digital assistant, reading you the news or turning on the lights after the alarm has been silenced.

You may use Google Assistant across the house from here…

4) Maintain Complete Control Over Every Aspect of Your Smart Home

With a Google Home device, a central hub, and a few smart gadgets, you can build an extensible environment with hands-free control that simplifies operation tremendously.

Here, you are limited only by your desire and the amount of devices at your disposal.

Smart home control is almost certainly the principal use for the majority of smart speaker consumers. Is this how you like to use Google Assistant?

5) Have Google Assistant Read The News

Are you a morning slacker?

If that is the case, how would you like your digital butler to tell you the news and weather forecast so you can start your day off right?

Simply press the Home button and then react with “Good morning” when the pop-up prompt appears. Google Assistant will greet you by name and then summarize the current weather conditions to assist you in planning your day. Your virtual assistant will then read you the news from the sources you’ve selected.

This can be customized to say “Good afternoon” or “Good evening,” with your AI butler responding appropriately to the time of day.

6) When You’re On The Go, Send Voice Messages

Are you constantly rushing about with your hands full? Are you constantly pressed for time?

If this is the case, you can send voice messages on the fly, and your family members at home will be able to hear them emanating from your Google Home speakers.

If you’d rather have a member of your family read the message than listen to it, your digital assistant can transcribe it for you. You can continue functioning hands-free while ensuring that the message is transmitted quickly and in the manner in which you desire.

7) Virtual Assistant as a Translator

Using the intelligence of Google Translate, your Google Assistant may act as a real-time translator.

Simply ask “How do I say please in Spanish” or “How do I say why in French,” and your dependable assistant will provide you with translated words and sentences on-screen.

You’ll get access to an astounding 188 languages, ensuring that you’ll never be lost on vacation, walking around a Japanese store unsure of what you’re looking at.

By ordering, “Hey Google, be my German interpreter,” Assistant will convert your English into German and then provide a spoken translation when your friend speaks.

8) Prepare to Watch Netflix and Relax Hands-Free

Do you own a smart TV that includes Google Assistant? If this is the case, you’ll be able to launch Netflix hands-free. This is one of the more straightforward yet extremely advantageous aspects of smartening up your home entertainment, in our opinion. No more remote-filled bowls, no more groping for the controller.

Additionally, if you have Netflix loaded on any Android device and are signed in and connected, this technique works. Send the same command and wait for the next episode of Godfather of Harlem to begin.

9) Never Forget Another Appointment

One of Google Assistant’s most compelling features is its ability to draw on the astonishing variety of Google’s services and apps, from Calendar and Keep to the ubiquitous Gmail.

If you’re out strolling and need to quickly check an email, simply ask Google Assistant, “Did I miss any emails yesterday?” This ubiquitous hands-free ease is the essence of Assistant.

Additionally, you’ll be able to schedule continuous reminders for a wedding anniversary or birthday. Never again will you forget and wind up in the dog house!

10) Use Your Camera to Identify Your Surroundings

Another wonderful way to use Google Assistant while out and about is to use the camera on your phone to detect your surroundings.

Along with identifying the type of building, Assistant will pull up contextual information to supplement the ID. If the place is a concert venue, for instance, you may be presented with the names of the bands performing and a link to listen to songs or even purchase tickets to the show.

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