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Basic information

At the beginning, there is your request with all the information about the move that you provide us. Our experts will look at them and, if necessary, ask questions. Among other things, this involves the volume of your removal goods. You can estimate this yourself, or we can do this via video call, or our specialists can estimate the volume personally and on site during a “pre-move survey”. In addition, we need detailed information about the situation of the departure domicile (and where possible also about the arrival domicile), including e.g. information about parking possibilities, the length of the removal route, or details about the floor and the capacity of the elevator.


During the “pre-move survey” our experts will estimate the volume of your belongings to be moved and answer any questions you may have. In addition, the “pre-move survey” offers an optimal opportunity to inspect the situation on site and to include this in the offer calculation.


Based on the estimated volume, we calculate the costs for your move and create an individual quote. Our offers are deliberately presented in great detail to create maximum transparency. You, as our customer, should be informed about all details that are included or excluded in the offer. We will be happy to discuss the offer with you and answer any questions you may have.

The placing of the order with Muvzilla

Once you have entrusted Muvzilla with your move, we can move on to the next steps. It is especially important to confirm the time frame for your move as soon as possible. Packing and transport dates should be defined as early as possible. We will work entirely according to your wishes and schedule.

In addition, we will explain to you step by step how customs clearance works in the country of departure, as well as the receiving country, inform you promptly about the documents we need from you in order to forward them to the customs authorities in due time.

Frequently asked questions about the process

What are the customs regulations?

Customs regulations vary from country to country and also depend on your status in the receiving country. Together with your moving quote, you will receive the customs regulations for your receiving country.

How long does the transport take?

This depends on the destination country and the type of transport. Moves within Europe can usually be arranged within a few days. For overseas moves, the transport time will be between four and 10 weeks, depending on the destination.

Who is our partner in the receiving country?

We work exclusively with certified partners and maintain long-term partnerships that ensure our customers enjoy the best quality of service in the receiving country.

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