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You have found a couch and would like to have it right now? You have bought something in an online store and do not want to wait for the delivery date? Even large spontaneous purchases go smoothly now. Muvzilla is always there for you and delivers throughout Switzerland when it suits you. With our innovative concept, high delivery costs, long waiting times and boring offer comparisons are a thing of the past.


You choose the time, your helper will be there. Never again have to rent a vehicle or organize transportation


You already know what your Muvzilla transport will cost before you book. No nasty surprises!


All Muvzilla transports are insured. We work only with licensed movers with liability insurance.

This is what a
satisfied customer

Muvzilla was professional from A to Z. I
don’t have a car, but shop online
regularly. Bought a table online,
started the Muvzilla app, checked the price:
Muvzilla helpers took care of everything.
The matter was done within 3 hours.
Definitely again!

Maurice B., Thalwil

Bought a new couch and want it right now? Have planned the new kitchen, but no time and desire to remove the old one? Or completely redecorate the living room? So far everything is fine. Now all that’s left is for someone to pick up the furniture. Let our movers do it for you. Pick-up with Muvzilla offers you many advantages: short-term booking, transparent prices and a lot of convenience.

Have furniture picked up

You want to have your old furniture picked up? Download the Muvzilla app and enter your pick-up address and desired date. In just a few clicks you will be able to see the price. If you are satisfied with it, you can book directly. You have done your part. We dismantle the furniture at your place, carry it for you and have the right transport vehicle.

Have furniture transported

Whether you want your new closet from the furniture store transported or the antique chest of drawers from the classifieds: You could have all your purchased furniture picked up by us. Via the app, we are there for you when you need us. You will get your furniture quickly and you will not have to wait for available dates from the furniture store. In the app, choose the pickup and delivery address, as well as the time, and let us do the rest. Regular status updates will keep you informed.Tooltip Text If you want, you can also track the transport in real time.

How much does it cost to have the furniture picked up?

A furniture transport of a classic logistics company costs CHF 280 to CHF 430. This means that the cost of transport often exceeds the cost of the new piece of furniture. With Muvzilla this cannot happen to you. Because this is exactly why Muvzilla was created. One of our two founders found the desk of his dreams on the other side of Switzerland. However, the transport turned out to be so complicated and expensive that the two never got together. But the story has a happy ending: the idea for Muvzilla was born. Our transport service is the fastest and cheapest in the country.

What do I do with my old furniture?

You should never just put your old furniture out on the street and wait for someone to take it. This may be a nice thing to do, but it can result in hefty fines. It is better to have your furniture picked up.

Dispose of furniture

With Muvzilla you can always pick up your furniture and dispose of it. This is a good option when the furniture is no longer usable. But there are other options as well. With this you do something good with your old furniture or even earn money.

Donate furniture

The old dining table is a bit scratched, but otherwise in good condition? Then donate it to aid organizations, local associations or social institutions. For example, check with your local city council or a nearby non-profit organization to see if they accept donations in kind. Muvzilla will pick up your furniture and deliver it to the location of your choice.

Sell furniture

Well maintained furniture you can sell them too. Post photos of your furniture on Ebay, Ricardo or Tutti and stock up your budget for new furniture. Usually the buyer takes care of the transport. Here you can gladly recommend him Muvzilla ?

Use Muvzilla for delivery of large items and for furniture

?️ Click & Collect ?️ Furniture collection ?️ No problem.

Furniture collection it’s that simple:


Provide a few details for the furniture

Tell us when you want our movers to go where and if
you need to transport a piano or grand piano.
Immediately you will receive a quote.


We plan your transport

Within a few minutes you can exchange with Muvzilla Movers. You can then book them bindingly via app – and off you go.


Ready and satisfied with your furniture

Once your piano transport is processed, you can give
your stars. That’s it.

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