Instant IKEA delivery with Muvzilla

Get your furniture when you want it.
Use the IKEA delivery service from Muvzilla.

Muvzilla is not affiliated with IKEA or any of its subsidiaries, nor is it
officially associated with the company in any way.

Have IKEA furniture delivered? Easier than ever!

You benefit from this

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IKEA delivery on request on the
day you bought.

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Your quote price automatically includes
delivery and installation.

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The transport is carried out by moving experts.
They carry your furniture into the house and also
assemble it right away.

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We also take over the recycling of the packaging
materials for you – if you want that

With Muvzilla you get your IKEA items the same day. No more hassles with delivery windows and boring waiting times. Book a Muvzilla mover via app or right here and benefit from our IKEA pickup. No more lugging around yourself!

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You set the time – your helpers will be there. Never rent a vehicle again or haul it yourself.

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Much more convenient, faster and often significantly even cheaper than a delivery with conventional companies.



The perfect solution for your IKEA delivery. Individual pieces or even the whole living room.

IKEA delivery it’s that simple

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Provide a few details

Tell us when our movers should go where and what
they need to transport. Immediately you will receive a

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We plan your transport

Within a few minutes you can exchange with Muvzilla Movers. You can then book them bindingly via app – and off you go.

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Ready and satisfied!

Once your shipment is processed, you can award your
stars. That’s it.

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The IKEA delivery service may save you a trip to the department store, which is convenient.

Part of the joy of IKEA shopping, after all, is roaming the aisles of the vast warehouse looking for the item code. Heissa! You’ve found your BESTA TV furniture. Now you just have to make sure you’ve packed all the accessories too….

Ha; the good old days. Strolling through the aisles is unfortunately over at the moment – thanks to the pandemic, IKEA has also put most of its items online and expanded the delivery system.

Therefore, most of the goods are now available online. However, it may happen that there are waiting times for delivery.

The IKEA delivery with Muvzilla, on the other hand, is immediate.

Once you have completed your virtual shopping and go to checkout, you can choose between IKEA Delivery and Click & Collect. IKEA collection
means that you drive to the store and pick up your furniture yourself.

If you choose to have IKEA furniture delivered, the website will ask you for your zip code.

Two price categories are available. Both IKEA shipping costs are displayed as a flat rate. You will receive the entire delivery for one flat price.

Due to the Corona pandemic, curbside delivery is the norm, but home delivery is also available.IKEA delivery has been switched to a contactless system. Instead of bringing larger orders to the house and room of your choice, IKEA partners usually leave items at the curb. Of course, you can also order IKEA shipping to your home.

If you want to be practical and take advantage of Muvzilla's free assembly and recycling service, let Muvzilla's movers do the work. You've seen how easy it is.

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I was attracted by the fact that I could
choose whether I wanted one helper or
two. When I then saw that you offer the
whole “program”, I asked for a quote
and found the price model good. The
execution was tip top and I am very glad
that I have so decided.

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