We give you an overview for your immigration to China. China is the country with the fastest economic growth, the largest population and the highest foreign investment. A country in which many immigrants see an opportunity for success.

Especially those of you who have a good education or are investors have it very good in China, because there are many opportunities to bring your knowledge and work in huge companies.

If you want to emigrate to China, you should be aware of one thing in advance, immigration to this country is a long process and many are rejected beforehand because they do not meet the requirements.

We want to give you the most important information so that it is easier for you to apply for your visa. In addition, we want to show you some key data and points of interest.

The work visa for immigration to China

If you want to apply for such a visa, you first need an invitation letter from a Chinese company, this means you need to have found a job before you can even apply for your visa. This visa authorizes a single entry into China. After your arrival you have to register at a police office within 30 days and have the visa converted into a residence permit. Only after this is done, you are allowed to enter and exit multiple times. This visa is valid for 6- 12 months and can be extended locally if your employer wants to hire you for longer.

The obligation to register

Again, China sets a different standard than other countries, if you are in China for 24 hours or more, you must register. This means that you have to go to the local police to get a registration passport. For tourists this obligation does not apply, as the hotels usually take care of this. In addition, for all foreigners who live in China for a longer period of time or permanently, you must always carry this registration certificate with you.

Permanent residence permit when immigrating to China

These are almost impossible to get in China. You can almost always get your residence permit extended by making a large investment, but a permanent permit is quite difficult to obtain. If you work in the same company for a long time, you have the best chance to get a permanent residence permit.

Multiple Entry Visa

A good alternative to a permanent visa is the “Multiple Entry Visa”, which allows you to stay in China for up to one year and can be extended at any time, as long as you have a job, receive a new invitation from a workplace or have received official permission.

The most sought after jobs in China are actually English and German teachers whose native language is English or German. Also, it is always good to have contacts or connections through friends or relatives, as it is easier to get names and companies.

The Sights

China as a country has of course a lot to offer, not only big cities, but also buildings and a beautiful landscape. Here we would like to introduce a few of the most famous attractions.

  1. The Great Wall of China in Beijing, probably the most famous sight in China. The wall extends over 15 provinces and is 21,196 kilometers long.
  2. The Forbidden City in Beijing, a huge palace complex where several imperial dynasties lived and ruled.
  3. Pingyao, the ancient city of the country convinces with ancient architecture and a historical flair. It is already 2700 years old.
  4. Shanghai, the largest metropolis of China stands above all for economy and trade. Here you can visit one of the highest skyscrapers, the Shanghai Tower, which is over 600 meters high. In addition, the city is also suitable for a big shopping spree and a walk through one of the wonderful parks or Chinese gardens.
  5. Hangzhou, also one of the oldest cities in China, has 2500 years of history. During your visit there, you should also additionally visit the “Grand Canal”, the largest waterway in the world.
  6. Huangshan, the “yellow mountains”, are rugged and very bizarrely shaped mountains, which have hot springs in their valleys. The name comes from the sunrises that bathe the mountains in yellow light. The special thing is the viewpoint “Shizi Feng” to which you can get via well-developed hiking trails.
  7. Tibet, “the gateway to heaven” with its capital “Lhasa” is also worth a visit. There you can visit the highest palace in the world, the “Potala Palace”.

The specialties of the country

You should definitely get to know the Chinese food culture and try a few typical dishes. Here we would like to introduce you the most famous ones.

  1. Peking duck, finely sliced strips are served together with onions and cucumber slices and a special sauce.
  2. Kung pao chicken, a dish that consists mainly of diced chicken, dried chili and salted peanuts.
  3. Jiaozi, dumplings that bear a resemblance to Italian ravioli.
  4. Spring rolls, one of the most famous dishes that can now be bought just about anywhere in the world.
  5. Fried noodles, with typical soy sauce and vegetables plus side dishes such as meat or fish.
  6. Wan Tan, are small dumplings filled with little things like pork or vegetables.

We hope that we could help you a little bit and wish you a good and successful start into your new life. If you have any questions about immigration to China, please feel free to contact us.

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