Immigration to Costa Rica and still many questions open? You are still unsure about the many formalities and documents you need for this? We are happy to help you and would like to give you a few helpful tips along the way.

Residence permit at the immigration to Costa Rica

For a short entry of up to 90 days citizens from Switzerland, Germany and Austria do not need to present a visa. However, a solvency proof of 100 US$ per month is required.

For a longer stay a residence permit is required. For this permit you need some documents, which you can ask for at the foreign mission in your current place of residence. In addition, your application must be confirmed at the end by a consulate in Costa Rica, otherwise the residence permit will be cancelled permanently.

Who receives such a residence permit?

  1. Retirees who receive a monthly pension of at least 2500 US $ per person/family.
  2. Investors must venture an investment of at least 200000 US $ in Costa Rica, otherwise you will not be allowed to stay in the country for a long period of time.
  3. Those who come to Costa Rica for work usually only receive a permit that is valid for one year. However, this can be extended if you have an existing work contract. It is not easy to get such a work permit in Costa Rica, the possibility exists officially, but unfortunately the authorities often find objections not to issue it.

Health insurance and other important information when immigrating to Costa Rica

Every single immigrant is obliged to register with the health insurance company, even if one has a private insurance, this obligation exists. Furthermore, immigrants are only taxed on their domestic income, if you earn additional money abroad, the tax obligation does not apply. Furthermore, it is very important that you learn Spanish for your integration, since Costa Ricans still attach great importance to their own national language. Attend Spanish courses or learn a few small phrases for better communication before entering the country.

The Sights

  1. Once you have arrived in Costa Rica and have all the paperwork behind you, you will want to explore the country better. We would like to introduce you to some of the most beautiful places and attractions in Costa Rica.
  2. San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica is a must see. The city has a lot of history to offer in the form of museums and beautiful architectural buildings. It is also a great place to sample the country’s culinary diversity, as the city has many different restaurants and snack bars.
  3. National Park Manuel Antonio is one of the smallest in the country, but it can absolutely delight most with its beautiful flair and atmosphere and its paradisiacal beaches.
  4. Puerto Viejo, a very colorful and unique area, with a slight hippie flair. One or the other might get a culture shock at the beginning, but this will change as soon as you get in contact with the locals. Everyone there is very friendly, open and warm and you are immediately welcomed with open arms by the residents.
  5. Santa Teresa, the place is especially known among surfers and nature gurus, because here you can really experience nature as it is, several sandy beaches, small villages, forests and a high diversity of different animal species.
  6. National Park Volcano Arenal, here you can fight your way through green, densely packed forests, see a volcano and even marvel at a lake.
  7. Whale Watching in the National Park Marino Ballena also an experience that speaks for itself, a very nice experience.

The specialties of Costa Rica

You should definitely experience a bit of the country’s culinary diversity. Costa Rica has a lot of good dishes to offer.
Gallo Pinto is a breakfast consisting of rice with beans and corn tortillas.

  1. Ceviche is a dish that is served cold and consists of fish.
  2. Empanadas are dumplings that are filled with meat, beans, tuna and also potatoes and after frying they are simply eaten with the hands. So it’s a kind of street food, which is why you can find them at just about every little stand and snack bar.
  3. Casado consists of rice, beans, lettuce and either chicken, beef or pork. This dish can be found on every menu in Costa Rica, as it is the classic dish par excellence.
  4. Tres Leches, a dessert consisting of three different types of milk, is somewhat similar to a tiramisu.

We hope that we have been able to help you a bit and wish you the best of luck in starting your new life. If you have any questions, please feel free to send them to us.

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