Immigration Malaysia – do you want to immigrate to Malaysia and are overwhelmed with the many different immigration regulations and the move itself?

No matter for what reasons you want to emigrate to Malaysia, we are happy to help you and try to answer the most important questions already below.

We would like to give you a few tips in advance regarding the exit and entry regulations, which documents are particularly important and then we would like to bring Malaysia a little closer to you through some suggestions and charms, perhaps you would like to put one or the other idea into practice.

In advance it is important to know how long you want to stay in the country, if it is only to be a vacation, then you need namely except for your passport no other important documents.

The different passes that Malaysia offers:

  1. Long Term Social Visit Pass = valid only for a period of up to 6 months and is only valid for those who are visiting, this does not include a work permit 
  2. Employment Pass = pass for professionals, this is valid only in the period of employment
  3. Visitors Pass = for those who want to work on plantations, agricultural activities and for those who want to work in construction or as a service provider. 
  4. Visit Pass = professional visit, it is valid for those who are in the country for studies, training or further education and for actors, producers, etc. This pass is only valid for 12 months. 
  5. Student Pass = students need this in addition to your Visit Pass, you must be able to identify yourself with it. 

The visa is called Malaysia My Second Home Visa. The MM2H visa is valid for 10 years, it can be extended for another 10 years upon request. If you receive foreign income, it is tax-free, a company formation is included, and with this visa there is no inheritance, gift and wealth tax. Furthermore, children under the age of 21 are allowed to enter the country with their parents or family. The fee for the visa is about 27 CHF (22,50 Euro) per year, depending on the exchange rate the amount changes of course. 

Requirements for entry:

  1. For people over 50 years:
  • Financial proof of 90’200 CHF (82’000 Euro), varies according to exchange rate
  • Monthly income of at least 2’640 CHF (2400 Euro), varies depending on exchange rate 
  • Create a fixed deposit account with a Malaysian bank

2. For people up to 50 years:

  • Financial proof of 128’700 CHF (117’000 Euro), varies according to exchange rate 
  • Monthly income of at least 2’640 CHF (2400 Euro), varies depending on exchange rate 
  • Create a fixed deposit account with a Malaysian bank

If you have a passport or visa, you can ask for advice at your embassy or consulate and then apply for one of them. Please make sure that you do this early enough, because these documents take quite a long time to process. You can safely expect at least 6-12 weeks. 

For your move you should also look at some moving companies and choose the best one for you, again make sure to gather information as soon as possible, because this also usually takes a little longer in terms of organization and planning. 

Immigration Malaysia – The sights and Food

You should definitely check out the following sights in Malaysia once you’ve arrived and settled in a bit: 

  1. Petronas Towers, the two highest twin towers in the world 
  2. Legoland Malaysia, definitely worth a visit, especially if you have kids 
  3. Panorama Langkawi SkyCab, a curved suspension bridge 780 meters above the ground 
  4. Manukan Island, islands 
  5. Melaka Straits Mosque, a religious site 
  6. Tanjung Aru Beach, a beautiful beach that creates a special atmosphere at sunset 
  7. Baba & Nyonya Museum, a historical museum where you can learn about the history of Malaysia

Immigration Malaysia – a culinary journey. It is not only a beautiful country because of its landscape and its endless expanses, but also a country that offers wonderful food and dishes. Especially Europeans experience a whole new kind of food culture in Malaysia, because the differences are enormous. Here are the best and most popular specialties from Malaysia: 

  1. Nasi Lemak is a dish usually eaten for breakfast, it consists of a small portion of coconut rice with a fried egg plus a piece of fried chicken and a few roasted peanuts and small dried fishes
  2. Mee goreng, fried noodles with egg, vegetables and your choice of various meats 
  3. Satay are grilled meat skewers served with a sauce for dipping 
  4. Cendol, a dessert made with coconut milk, shaved ice, rice flour noodles, palm sugar and red beans 

We hope that we could give you a little pleasure and support with this. We wish you a great start in your new life in Malaysia. If you have any questions about your move to Malaysia or would like to make a plan, please feel free to contact us here.

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