Immigration to Taiwan is coming up, but you are still a bit overwhelmed with all the documents and procedures? We are happy to help you.

We would like to show you a few of the most important documents and entry requirements and also tell you a few interesting facts about Taiwan.

Visa and residence permit when immigrating to Taiwan

Before you can apply for your real work visa, you need the “Visitor Visa” for 60 or 90 days, which you can apply for at your local Foreign Office, with the help of this you can enter Taiwan and look for a job there, if you have found a job, you have to change your “Visitor Visa” to a “Resident Visa”, which includes a work permit. This change of visa must be applied for at the Aliens Police.

If you have already found a job and received a letter from the company, you do not need a “Visitor Visa”. You only need to submit a letter of employment to the Foreign Office and can apply for a “Resident Visa”, since you already have a work permit from your company.

What else do you need to do once you have received your visa and arrived there?

Registering for health insurance is mandatory in Taiwan, even if you have private insurance, you still need to get insurance in Taiwan.

You also need to register with the registration office by indicating your new place of residence. You can do this in the city where you will live.

The most beautiful and worth seeing sights you should see when immigrating to Taiwan

Once you arrive in Taiwan, you will surely want to see and get to know some of the country, we would like to introduce you to a few of the most important attractions.

  1. Taipei, one of the largest metropolitan cities in Taiwan, which impresses with its colorful way of life. Of course, the city already has a lot of sights to offer, such as museums, temples and a wonderful promenade, but Taipei should not remain your only destination.
  2. Fulong, the most famous beach of Taiwan, it is definitely worth a visit.
  3. Scenic Area, the coastal area on the east coast with many mountains and an excellent view of the sea. The best way to explore this area is by bicycle, so you can experience as much of it as possible. But you can also travel the coast by car or bus.
  4. Kaohsiung, the second largest city in Taiwan, also has a lot to offer in terms of liveliness and is bursting with museums and a special scenery. In the evening, there is also a lot of nightlife, from restaurants to bars to clubs, everything is represented there.
  5. Tainan is the oldest city in Taiwan and therefore has the oldest buildings and a beautiful old town. For those who are interested in history, this city is a real paradise, everywhere historical buildings, temples and guided tours about the origin.
  6. Kenting National Park, this is located at the southern end of Taiwan and convinces with a varied, idyllic landscape of tropical forests paired with beaches and coastal sections.
  7. Sun Moon Lake, the largest lake in Taiwan, and is surrounded by mountains, on the shores of which are two small towns. The special feature of this lake is probably the outstanding blue beautiful water.

Immigration to Taiwan – The specialties

In addition, you should look at the food culture, Taiwan has adopted many things from the Chinese region and refined again. Therefore, the country has a lot of good food to offer.

  1. Dumplings, cooked dumplings stuffed with fish or meat
  2. Beef noodles, you can find in Taiwan really in almost every restaurant and is, as the name reveals, a noodle dish with beef
  3. Stinky tofu, yes, the name is not particularly nice, however, it should taste great. The special thing about the dish is the fermented tofu.
  4. Octopus, which comes in 2 varieties, once grilled and once deep fried.
  5. Chinese Pancakes, are small hearty pancakes, which are eaten with pleasure for the breakfast.
  6. Bread with leek onions, a mix of puff pastry and flat bread with a leek filling.
  7. Mochi, a dessert made of glutinous rice with a variety of fillings and toppings, the more creative the better.

We hope that we have been able to give you a few helpful tips for your immigration to Taiwan and wish you every success in your new home and, of course, a good start.

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