Does the sofa not fit into the new apartment? Maybe you can create new order with your move. A self storage room offers cheap storage space for all the things you don’t need regularly. There are even storage rooms to which you have 24/7 access and can easily authorize your Muvzilla transporter to store your sofa once without you being present. Christian from Bern has tried it out.

He has finally found his dream job! For the job as creative director of a marketing agency, Christian is even willing to move from Bern to Zurich. Even if he has to put up with a smaller apartment.

When he moves, it turns out that his comfortable sofa just won’t fit in the new living room. Another solution is needed. Christian, however, doesn’t have the heart to part head over heels with his favorite piece. Who knows how long the “Zurich” adventure will last anyway!

Storage room to complement the new home

Without further ado, Christian books a personal storage box to store the couch for the time being. The advantage: placeB’s storage room is within walking distance of Christian’s new apartment and is accessible around the clock. So he can also store a few other things there, such as ski equipment, folders and books. With fewer space-consuming items, the new home immediately looks tidier.

The access as well as the management of the storage room is done via app. Thus, Christian can authorize moving team with the cell phone to enter the storage room once. His helpers can store the boxes and furniture without Christian himself being present.

Small transports and removals with Muvzilla

A few days later, Christian finds a stylish, almost new armchair on tutti to replace his sofa. However, he has no time and certainly no vehicle to pick up the furniture. A colleague recommends the moving service from Muvzilla.

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