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Move like a star! For years we have been moving the top executives in the world, we offer you the same care..


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International moves as easy as going on holidays.

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Muvzilla is a service that will address all the aspects of your international move.

Our team consists of industry and software experts. You get a digital relocation experience, with your satisfaction as the focus.

Through the experience of our staff, who have organized moves for the world’s top executives, we know exactly what is involved in an international move. During the process we will support you in all aspects to make your move a complete success.

This is what we offer you:

Internationale Umzüge

Worldwide network of agents

We have a worldwide network of agents who are known in their countries for their outstanding work.


Professional Teams

Our teams are trained and have years of experience in the moving industry. This way we make sure that your move will go through without any complications.


Personalized service

Our experts will create a package that is tailored to your needs. After booking, we will guide you through the moving process from A – Z.

Professionell und schnell

Door to door service

We offer you a moving service that includes everything. From disassembly and packing of your furniture to the assembly of furniture in the new apartment, everything desired is included.


Pet transportation

Would you like to take your pet with you? We will take care of the transportation of your pet to the new home.



We offer you an all-risk insurance. Our experts will be happy to advise you so that you have the best solution for your move.

Entsorgung & Recycling

Disposal & Recycling

Bulky and old stuff? We will pick up your stuff. We are happy to recycle and make our world cleaner, more sustainable.

Cleaning Icon


We offer you a cleaning service for your house with a handovergarantie, if you like.

Get a non-binding quote:

Enter your pick-up location and the destination. The price is a first estimate.

International removals – Why Muvzilla?

Our experts have supervised teams all over the world and have lived abroad themselves. They know exactly what is important in an international move. The partners we work with are handpicked and tested for their quality.

This is what a satisfied customer says:

Icon Quote

I hired Muzvilla to move a house from Switzerland to Portugal in June 2021. I was in constant contact with Raphael Bättig to plan the move and take care of all the formalities and details. Raphael was extremely responsive, clear and precise and a problem solver. He took care of many issues that arose in connection with the move and was always transparent and communicative with me. If you need anything moved, I highly recommend Raphael and Muzvilla. They are extremely professional, fast, responsive, communicative and trustworthy.

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Why should you book Muvzilla for International Removals?

Get a quote right here.

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Experts with many years of experience will take care of your move and provide you with advice and support.

Piggy Bank


Through our worldwide agent network, we ensure that we can always offer competitive prices.



We advise you on the appropriate insurance for your international move.

We revolutionize and simplify international moves:

International moves now become agile, tailored and easy: we digitalise world’s highest quality moving companies. Our goal is that your smartphone is enough to plan, coordinate and monitor an international move.


International removals – It’s that easy:

International De


Provide a few details

Tell us when, from where to where you want to move and what you want us to move. We will discuss all the details with you and provide you with a customized quote. We are happy to organize an on-site moving inspection to evaluate the volume of your belongings.


We plan your international move

Our experts will take care of the logistics of your move and guide you through the entire process.

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Ready and satisfied!

Once your move is done, you can give your stars. That’s it.

Carry out international removals with Muvzilla

Moving to Switzerland is a good decision: Zurich, Bern and Basel are often on the list of cities with the highest quality of life. The landscape of Switzerland is unique and the food is incredibly good. Consequently, Switzerland is a dream destination for many emigrants. If only an international move wouldn’t be so much hassle? With Muvzilla you can easily move to Switzerland or abroad. We also take care of cross-border moves for you, so you can take care of more important things.

Book international removals

To provide you with a quote, you only need to enter your pickup and delivery address and the freight. We will then send you an offer. If you are satisfied with it, you can book it right away. During the move you will receive regular status updates and can follow the transport in real time. Full control with minimal effort.

Cost effective international removals

We take over the complete planning, the dismantling and assembly of the furniture and of course the transport for you. Through our large partner network and our modern concept, we are the most cost-effective and fastest provider in the whole of Switzerland. So you save money on your international move.

What do I have to consider when moving to Switzerland?

An international move needs preparation. You must bring your household goods across the border and have already completed all formalities. This way furniture, crockery, clothes etc. can be imported duty-free into Switzerland. Otherwise, customs duties would apply here. However, this is quite easy: A rental contract, employment contract or similar is already sufficient to prove your change of residence.

Another (somewhat annoying) requirement is to create a list of imported items. This proves that you have been using the items for 6 months and will continue to use them. When cataloging, you may notice problematic items. For example, some exotic plants may only be brought into Switzerland under certain conditions. Muvzilla will help you create your inventory. Through our experience with moves to Switzerland, we know the rules and can assist you.

Opening hours of customs will take place. Don’t worry, we know the opening hours and create the schedule to match.

Attention. Switzerland is not an EU country. So you need a permit to live there.

Relocation Germany Switzerland? Only with Muvzilla!

We know exactly which vehicles and how many movers we need. For your move from Germany to Switzerland, we create a schedule and take into account all the specifics for an international move. In the meantime, you can sit back and look forward to your new home.

FAQ – international removals

Pre-Move Survey

When should I schedule a pre-move survey?

We recommend that you schedule your pre-move survey at least 1 month prior to your preferred packing date. During our high-season (June – August) the pre-move survey should take place at least 2 months in advance.

How long will the pre-move survey take?

Generally, the survey should take between 30 and 45 minutes.

When should I confirm my move?

You should confirm your booking as soon as you have reviewed our proposal. We recommend that you return the signed confirmation document at least 2 weeks before the move date to allow us sufficient time to plan and prepare your move.

Is a pre-move survey required to get a proposal?

A pre-move survey allows our move specialists to accurately estimate the volume of the household goods that you intend to ship. Additionally, it provides us with the opportunity to assess the local situation (access, parking spots, special requirements, etc.).

Alternatively, you can provide a detailed inventory and any additional information about your move. This enables us to provide you with an indicative quotation.

How shall I prepare myself for the pre-move survey?

  • Decide which items you would like to ship
  • Identify items that may require special treatment (e.g. fragile objects)
  • Recall any challenges that might have occurred when moving into your current home
  • Prepare an approximate timeline of your move, including apartment handover dates, temporary accommodation bookings and flight dates

Packing Service

How long will packing take?

The time to pack a move depends on the volume of the household goods and specific service requirements.

Can I pack items myself?

Let us do the work for you. Relax while our professional moving specialists take care of the job. 

If you want to pack some items yourself, we can provide you with packing materials in advance. Please, do not close the boxes that you pack yourself, since transit protection policies explicitly excludes items that are “packed by owner” (PBO).

Do the move specialists unplug / uninstall electronics and home appliances?

Our move specialists can plug/unplug basic home appliances (e.g. TV). If the work involves electric wiring, plumbing, mounting, or any kind of specialized skills, then a licensed electrician / handyman needs to be contracted.

Do I need to be present during the day of packing?

It is not mandatory, but we highly recommend it.

What if the building is difficult to access?

 If you know from previous moves that items have been difficult to move in, or out, please let us know. Difficult access may require additional equipment (e.g. external elevator), or additional charges may occur (e.g. long carry, floor surcharge).

Can I ship food, or alcohol?

No. Food items should never be shipped, since they can spoil and attract pests. The importation of alcohol is heavily restricted in most countries, often completely forbidden.

Are there any other restricted items?

  • Firearms
  • Weapons
  • Illegal drugs
  • Flammable goods
  • Dangerous goods
  • Goods made from endangered animals

How should I handle jewelry, cash and important documents?

Do not pack jewelry, cash, or important documents (e.g. marriage certificates). We recommend that you hand-carry those items to your new destination.

Transport Insurance

Do you offer transport insurance?

Yes. We offer an “all-risk” transport insurance, issued by a 3rd party provider. The insurance policy covers your household goods on a “door-to-door” basis.

Is insurance mandatory?

No. As professional movers we will do our best to avoid any damage, or loss, to your household goods shipment. If damage occurs, it is best to be protected through an insurance policy.

Can I selectively insure a few items only?

No. It is required that you insure all the items that are moved. Please, do not under-insure your shipment.

Service cost

Are there services that do incur additional charges?

Additionally to the actual move cost, the following services may incur additional cost:

  • 3rd-party providers: Handyman, Insurance, Disposal of furniture, piano handling, etc.
  • Difficult access: Floor and long-carry surcharge, hoisting, shuttle, split delivery, work on public holidays
  • Storage: Storage fees, warehouse handling (in & out), storage insurance

Is transport insurance included in the move cost?

No. The insurance premium is based on the declared value of your household goods. Therefore the insurance premium is a separate cost.

Will my shipment be subjected to taxes and duties in the destination country?

Most countries allow tax- and duty-free importation of household goods, if you meet the required residential status and can provide the required documentation. However, as different countries have different requirements, we recommend that you contact one of our move specialists and/or the local embassy.

When do I need to pay for my move?

Full payment is required prior to the move.

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