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Full control with minimal effort: Muvzilla is an Uber-like platform where you can find licensed and verified companies for relocation. Thanks to the app, you can book your international move in just a few clicks. No more annoying quote comparisons! During the move, you get regular status updates and can track the transport in real time.

What you can expect:

Expert company

We will find the right moving company for you, in your country or in Switzerland. So that you move on time and at the lowest cost.


Your move will be carried out by professionals. They will pick up your belongings, transport them professionally and reassemble them at the new location.

Included services

Your quote price for the move automatically includes disassembly and assembly service.

Professional recycling

After your move, we will also take care of recycling any packaging materials for you – if you want us to.


Professional and friendly

No more tedious vehicle search, let the professionals transport your room or apartment right away.


Many satisfied customers

Our customers are super satisfied with us. Save yourself the time and the fees: Instead of planning your next move, plan something you really enjoy.

Have your transportation costs estimated:

Enter your pickup and delivery destination. The price is a first estimate. You can book the binding price online later.

Why Muvzilla?

Find licensed and vetted companies for moving and transportation. Via app, get instant access to experienced movers who will treat your belongings with respect – at a great price.

Whether you want to move a room, individual large items or your entire apartment: It’s now as easy as calling a cab! The professionals will come to your home on the desired date, dismantle your belongings and transport them safely to your new home. Let the professionals haul for you!

This is what a satisfied customer says:

Went super fast and they were really friendly movers. Found it great that I did not have to worry about the disposal itself. I definitely recommend and book for a next time gladly again!

Jane R., Therwil

Why book Muvzilla for your international moving?

Get a quote right here. Benefit from the most favorable conditions. So you only pay for what you really need.




We revolutionize and simplify removals:

International moves are now becoming agile, flexible and easily accessible via app: moving companies are to benefit from digitalization by offering their services on the Muvzilla on-demand platform. You as a customer can access it quickly and at any time. This is how we create a unique, logistical power structure that supports us in our everyday work.

Muvzilla is a Swiss startup that is shaking up an industry. The moving concierge service allows you to move just one item or even an entire building simply by pressing a button.


It’s that simple:


Provide a few details

Tell us when our movers should go where and what they need to pick up. Immediately you will receive a quote displayed.


We plan your international move

Within a few minutes you can exchange with Muvzilla movers.


Ready and satisfied!

Once your furniture transport is processed, you can give your stars. That’s it.

Move internationally with Muvzilla

Moving to Switzerland is a good decision: Zurich, Bern and Basel are often on the list of cities with the highest quality of life. The landscape of Switzerland is unique and the food is incredibly good. Consequently, Switzerland is a dream destination for many expats. If only an international move wasn’t so much hassle? With Muvzilla you can move to Switzerland without any complications. We also handle cross-border moves for you, so you can take care of more important things.

Book your international move at the click of a button

To provide you with a quote, you only need to enter your pickup and delivery address and the freight. We will then make you an offer. If you are satisfied with it, you can book it right away. With the app, you have everything done in just a few clicks. During the move, you will receive regular status updates and can track the transport in real time. Full control with minimal effort.

Cost-effective international relocationg

We take over the complete planning, the dismantling and assembly of the furniture and of course the transport for you. Through our large mover network and our modern concept, we are the most cost-effective and fastest provider in the whole of Switzerland. So you save money on your move to Switzerland.

What do I have to consider when moving to Switzerland?

An international move needs preparation. You must bring your household goods across the border and have already completed all formalities. This way furniture, crockery, clothes etc. can be imported duty-free into Switzerland. Otherwise, customs duties would apply here. However, this is quite easy: a rental contract, employment contract or similar is already sufficient to prove your change of residence.

Another (somewhat troublesome) requirement is to create an inventory of imported items. This proves that you have been using the items for 6 months and will continue to use them. When cataloging, you may notice problematic items. For example, some exotic plants may only be brought into Switzerland under certain conditions. Muvzilla will help you create your inventory. Through our experience with moves to Switzerland, we know the rules and can assist you.

In order to clear the introduction of your household goods with the customs office, your move should only take place during customs opening hours. Do not worry, we know the opening hours and create the schedule to match.

Attention. Switzerland is not an EU country. So you need a permit to live there.

Relocation Germany Switzerland? Only with Muvzilla!

We know exactly which vehicles and how many movers we need. For your move from Germany to Switzerland, we create a schedule and take into account all the specifics for an international move. In the meantime, you can sit back and look forward to your new home.


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