You want to move to the beautiful Argentina, and make a new start there? We will be happy to help you plan and implement your move.

Argentina is a republic with breathtaking scenery and an enormous variety of traditions and culture. You can experience and discover many new things there that you may never have seen before. In addition to the wonderful landscape, Argentina also has some very beautiful cities that you should definitely visit.

The residence permit when moving to Argentina

For the first 90 days you can enter as a tourist, for this you only need a valid passport, a visa is not required for EU citizens, for example. For more detailed information on which home countries require a visa application, you can check with the German Foreign Office.

For all those who would like to stay longer and work, a residence permit must be applied for. Argentina distinguishes here two different applications.

Temporary residence permit, this is valid for up to 3 years. You can apply under the following circumstances:
Professional personnel (scientific, consulting or technical function).

  • Student with valid enrollment certificate
  • Employee with valid employment contract
  • Pensioners and retired persons
  • Pupils and apprentices
  • Academics and entrepreneurs (must make investments with their own funds)

Unlimited residence permit, this is valid quasi forever. The following conditions must be met:

  • Proof of identityIdentification card from the police
  • DNI (Documento Nacional de Identidad)
  • Proof of permanent and legal residence in Argentina for at least 3 years.
  • Police certificate of good conduct and health certificate

The move to Argentina

It is important to know in advance which customs regulations Argentina has. In addition, you should think in time about whether you want to have your belongings delivered by ship or by plane. By ship, this is usually a lot easier and usually cheaper. Here it is to be noted that you have a removal firm, which brings your belongings to the ship and loads there and after the journey you need in Argentina in any case also again assistance for the unloading and the following journey to your new home. Above all, make sure that the price-quality ratio is right and if you find a company that handles your entire move, such a one is usually advantageous. Due to the economic situation and the resulting fluctuating prices, we cannot give you an exact statement about the transportation costs. If you would like to have an individual consultation and estimate for your move to Argentina, please feel free to contact us.

The sights

  1. Iguacu Falls, translated as “big waterfalls”, live up to their name. They stretch over 3 kilometers, making them the widest waterfall in the world.
  2. The 7 Lakes Route connects some of Argentina’s most beautiful places. These include tranquil lakes, virgin forests, volcanoes and three of Argentina’s most breathtaking national parks (Lanin, Nahuel, Huapi).
  3. Rosario, the third largest city in Argentina, is located on the banks of the Rio Parana and has a lot of culture and nightlife to offer.
  4. Salta, the pastel-colored colonial city, is also called the “City of Eternal Spring” because of its location and mild climate. In addition, there is something very special here, the “train to the clouds”, this goes up to a gigantic 4188 meters above sea level.
  5. Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina is definitely worth a visit. It has an Argentine Broadway, architectural masterpieces, a beautiful theater and much more.
  6. National Park Talampaya is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a real paradise for explorers and geologists. There are rock layers that are 200 million years old, revealing some of the most important fossils.
  7. Valdes Peninsula
  8. Mar del Plata is probably the most popular summer party and beach resort. In winter, the temperatures there are between 15 and 25 degrees, and if the water is too cold for you, you can go to the water park.

The culinary variety

  1. Choripan, serves mainly as an appetizer. The dish is composed of a crusty bread with a grilled sausage. Choripan is typical street food.
  2. Empanadas are small dumplings served with various fillings. Examples of fillings include ground meat, vegetables, corn or cheese.
  3. Steak, the quintessential tradition. Argentine steaks are considered particularly tender and juicy. This is due to the fact that the animals are outside all year round and eat mainly willow grass.
  4. The asado belongs to Argentina like the pizza belongs to Italy. Asado is a meat that is usually grilled on a spit and as side dishes you get potatoes and salad.
  5. Dulce de leche, translated means something like “sweet milk”. The sweet is made from condensed milk and served with any kind of dessert (cake, ice cream, etc.).
  6. Alfajores are also very popular as a dessert, they are mostly described as a cookie sandwich. Usually the cookies are filled with jam or dulce de leche.

We hope that we could help you a little bit for your move to Argentina and wish you a good and successful start in Argentina.

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