Planning a move to Australia and not sure what to expect yet? Our blog provides an overview of the types of visas, the move itself, and life in your new home.

Residency and visas

Australia is known for its strict immigration controls and many customs regulations. There are quite a few different visas, we will introduce you to the ones that would be eligible for you.

  • Work visa for professionals: this visa is for professionals who do not have a sponsor and are still allowed to work in Australia. The requirement for this is that you can show a profession that is urgently needed in the Australian labor market.
  • Work visa for skilled personnel with sponsor: a specific visa that applies only to foreign persons who wish to work in Australia as skilled personnel and are sponsored by an Australian or foreign employer.
  • Work visa for business people: this visa can be applied for by entrepreneurs, investors and employees who want to pursue business activities in Australia.
  • Work visa for doctors and nurses: this visa is intended for all those who want to work in Australia in the health sector.

For permanent residency, you need to apply for immigration. However, it is not easy to obtain permanent residency. This is a very long and difficult process. It is always assumed that you have already lived and worked in Australia for some time. This means that you have already been in the country on a visa and have pursued your activities. In the end, your criminal record, your work and your financial means will play a big role.

The move to Australia

For the move you should definitely write a list with all your belongings, because this way you won’t forget anything and it will also make your work easier for the people who will help you. In addition, you should definitely read through the customs regulations, as they are very strict in Australia. What is also very important is that you take care of a moving company early enough to meet your needs, because you will have more time for planning and the actual move will be much more stress-free and tidy. Regarding the cost of such a move, so many factors play an important role that we do not like to give details here. The costs depend, among other things, on the volume and weight of the removal goods, but also on what service you want. However, if you would like a personal, individual consultation, you are welcome to contact us.


After your move and a good start up to here, you will surely want to get to know the country and discover many new places with beautiful scenery or experience a new city along with its culture. For this, we have picked out a few of the most beautiful places for you to see.

  1. Great Barrier Reef is the most important attraction in Australia and probably one of the most beautiful in the world. With an area of 348,700 km2 it is the largest coral reef on earth.
  2. Sydney Opera House is world famous for its breathtaking architecture and the resulting panoramic view of the sea and the harbor. The Opera House is considered a landmark of the country.
  3. Blue Mountains National Park is worth a visit to enjoy the nature and discover the landscape. There you can experience a real moment of peace.
  4. The “twelve apostles” are steep, pointed limestone cliffs rising from the sea, which are part of Port Campbell National Park.
  5. Fraser Island, an island of 1840km2, is a true beauty of nature and has been a UNESO World Heritage Site since 1992.

The culinary diversity

Historically, Australian cuisine was strongly influenced by the British. It was not until the immigration of Italians and Greeks that Australia’s cuisine changed considerably. From then on, regional products were on the menu and fish and seafood became more popular.

  1. Barbecue is the most popular food in Australia. Here all different kinds of meat are packed on the grill and there are a lot of side dishes, what must not be missing are foil potatoes.
  2. Seafood like oysters, scallops and lobster, you should definitely try these.
  3. Pavlova is a dessert that should not be missed. It resembles fluffy meringue with a crispy shell and is usually accompanied by passion fruit.
  4. Kangaroo is now very popular as it is a very tender meat and is included in many dishes.
  5. Sausage Roll is a small snack where a sausage is embedded in a dough casing.
  6. Barramundi, an edible fish usually offered as “fish of the day” in restaurants. This is a perch that can be prepared in many ways, steamed, fried, grilled or with herb crust, all variants are very tasty.

We hope that we could help you a little bit and wish you a nice and successful move to Australia and a successful start.

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