You want to move to Basel, but you feel completely overwhelmed by the situation and are afraid of forgetting something important or having a rather bumpy start? Absolutely everyone has this fear and it is completely normal when you move to a completely new country/city or environment. We will gladly help you to get everything over the stage as well as possible.
We would like to give you a few important tips and information in advance to make your move an easy and stress-free affair and to be able to guarantee you a good start.

First of all, you should think about how you want to move, do you take over the whole thing yourself and organize a van or do you just let a moving company do it all. Once you have made this decision, you should find out how much it will cost and compare several companies and rental cars to get a good deal. Here it is important to bet on quality, the cheapest offers are unfortunately usually not the best and it can go wrong. Read reviews of the providers that you have found, or call in advance first at the respective company or the respective landlord and ask how the whole thing works for you. They will certainly help you in this regard and clarify all your questions. You can also have a look at our site and inform yourself, we will be happy to answer all your questions regarding a move and the respective costs. Maybe you will be convinced by our offer. Here you will receive a high-quality, simple and efficient service from us.

Moving to Basel – the registration in the new residence

Furthermore, the registration and re-registration is of enormous importance. You have to deregister with the authorities in your old place of residence and indicate where you are moving to and when you are doing so. Afterwards you have to re-register in Basel and indicate your exact place of residence so that you are registered. For this purpose, there is an extra PDF document on the authority’s website that you can download to fill out and then take to the Residents’ Registration Office.

You can find the Residents’ Registration Office at the following address:
Spiegelgasse 6, CH- 4001 Basel
You can also, if you have less time, first send an e-mail to the office and ask if you can send your data by mail or make an appointment so that you do not have to wait too long.

After you have moved, you will want to get to know your surroundings and explore the canton with its sights and culinary diversity.

Basel and its highlights

We would like to show you a few special features of the canton, maybe you would like to visit or get to know one or the other.
The special thing about Basel is its location on the border, therefore Basel is often called the “Dreiländereck”. Here Switzerland, France and Germany meet and you can reach all three countries in a short time by public transportation, which is already very cool.
Another special feature of Basel is the architectural style, because here you can find buildings and architecture from the 15th century in combination with international, new and modern buildings. This variety gives Basel a harmonious image and a very special atmosphere.

You should definitely take a city tour through the old town of Basel and see the City Hall, the Basel Cathedral and the Spalentor, on the Spalenberg. You should also see the Tinguely Fountain, the Pfalz and the Middle Bridge, which have their own flair.
For those of you who appreciate and love art, in Basel there is a museum called “Vitra Design”, there you can experience the full art program. Among other things, you can see there, for example, “Memphis. 40 Years of Kitsch and Elegance”, which is one of the most extraordinary displays of the last decades. There is also the “Historical Museum” and the “Art Museum”. In the Art Museum you can see art and design from the 15th-18th centuries and experience classics from the 19th century and contemporary art.

Move to Basel – your new culinary home

Typical dishes from the Basel area are for example the “Chriesiwähe”, a sweet dish with cherries from the Basel area. Another famous dish is “Salm nach Basler Art”, which is a fish dish made of salmon slices. What the canton is still known for are the aromatic cherries, these are grown in the so-called Baselbiet on the slopes of the Jura. After ripening and harvesting, the cherries are often used for regional fruit brandies. Mostly they are processed to “natural Baselbieter Kirsch”, in which they can unfold their wonderful, aromatic taste.

We hope that with these tips and information we can help you to make your start in Basel as pleasant as possible. We wish you every success in your new place of residence and that you get to know the canton from all its beautiful sides.

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