Are you ready to leave your current city, but not sure what to look for in another place? Perhaps you’ve been dreaming of moving to a smaller town with great outdoor activities and a slower pace of life. Or perhaps you want to find a city that has everything you need close at hand, including local breweries and markets with fresh produce. You may even be looking for a city with a bustling nightlife that doesn’t involve crawling through highway traffic after work or on the weekends. If this sounds like your ideal move, then you’re in luck! We’ve got the insider scoop on how to move to Bend, Oregon. From learning about affordable housing options and other various housing opportunities, to details about job opportunities, schools, and more, we have all the insider information you need.

Why Move to Bend?

There are many reasons why moving to Bend makes sense. For starters, Bend is one of the most affordable cities in the country to live in. This makes it a great place for just about everyone to live, including new graduates, families, retirees, and people with lower incomes. Bend also offers a slower pace of life while still offering plenty of opportunity. It has a thriving tech industry and plenty of outdoor activities. Bend is also home to some amazing breweries and wineries, making it a great place for those who love to sip on a cold one from time to time. Moving to Bend also means a shorter commute. The average commute in Bend is about 21 minutes, which is much shorter than the national average. And with a low crime rate and a high quality of life, Bend is a great place to live.

Housing in Bend

Bend has a variety of affordable housing options, including single-family homes, condominiums, townhouses, and apartments. If you’re looking to buy a house, you’ll find that the Bend real estate market has a good selection of homes at a wide range of prices. When buying a house in Bend, you’ll likely need a down payment of at least 15%, and you’ll also need to take into consideration the cost of property taxes, home insurance, and maintenance. If you’re looking to rent a house in Bend, you’ll find that the rental market is competitive, with an average vacancy rate of less than 2%. If you’re looking to rent, you may want to start the process right away. Rental rates in Bend vary based on the type of housing, the area you’re looking in, and the amount of competition for the property.

Employment in Bend

Bend is a great city for both entry-level and experienced workers. There are a number of industries in Bend, including healthcare, technology, and tourism. If you’re searching for work in Bend, you’ll want to start with the local newspapers, including the Bend Bulletin and the East Oregonian. You can also try browsing online job boards, such as Indeed and Monster. If you’re a member of the military, you’ll also want to visit to find information about job opportunities in Bend. If you have a particular skill you’d like to use in Bend, you can also consider looking for work through an online marketplace, such as Upwork.

Schools in Bend

When you move to Bend with children, you’ll want to find out more about your local schools. Bend’s public school system is overseen by the Bend-La Pine School District. For information about specific schools in the area, you can visit the Bend-La Pine School District website. You can also visit to find out how the schools in Bend stack up against other schools in the country. If you have children who are ready to start kindergarten, you’ll want to visit the kindergarten readiness page on the Bend-La Pine School District website. You can also visit the Bend-La Pine School District Early Learning website for information about early childhood education.

Culture in Bend

Bend has a wide variety of museums and cultural institutions, including the High Desert Museum, Bend Science Center, and the Bend Children’s Discovery Museum. If you’re interested in art, you’ll want to check out the High Desert Center for the Arts. If you’re interested in music, you can visit the Tower Theatre or the McMenamins Old Church. If you have kids, you may want to visit the Discovery Center. This museum is dedicated to children and features interactive exhibits on science and nature. Kids can climb inside a giant ball, create their own earthquake, and more.

Final Words

Bend is a great city for just about anyone who loves outdoor activities and slower-paced living. If you’re ready to make the move, you’ll want to begin your search for housing sooner rather than later. And if you’re a member of the military, you can take advantage of special benefits, such as relocation assistance, that make the transition easier. If you do decide to move to Bend, you’ll find a thriving economy, low crime rates, and a high quality of life. With plenty of affordable housing options and a wide variety of cultural activities, Bend is a great place to call home.

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