Brazil is the fifth largest country on earth. A country which still has a lot of nature and landscape ready, also very varied, from mountains to beaches to deserts. Scenically, you can discover and explore new places there for a lifetime. Do you want to make your move to Brazil and enjoy this wonderful country? We will be happy to help you with your preparations and assist you with all your needs.

Residence permit and visa when moving to Brazil

In Brazil it is easy to apply for a visa, also here different work activities are distinguished. A permanent visa, on the other hand, is a difficult and lengthy process.

  1. Vitem V = visa for technical services
  2. Temporary visa = for executives, technicians and other qualified workers (it entitles for a stay of up to two years and can be extended for another two years if necessary).
  3. A permanent visa for an unlimited stay in Brazil is only possible under very strict conditions. The application is very time-consuming and bureaucratic. Individuals who receive a permanent visa include those who invest at least 500000 reais in a Brazilian business (sometimes 150000 reais is enough).

The move to Brazil

Of course, you should think about the customs regulations, this will make it easier to plan the move. In Brazil, for example, items of personal use (clothing, cosmetics, books, etc.) worth 500 US dollars may be imported duty-free (as of 2021). You should definitely read up on such things, as it can save you money and time. You can find the regulations under the website of the Brazilian authority. Furthermore, you should take care of a moving company promptly so that you can plan the move together with them. Write down a list of your belongings so that you do not forget anything yourself and the moving company is helped as you will move faster. What you are moving will also have an impact on the price, the more accurate you know this, the more accurate the price a moving company will be able to give you. In addition, do not forget to deregister from clubs and other contracts. You should also not forget to deregister in your hometown, for this you need to go to the registration office in your district. If you have questions about your move, or if you would like to get a quote, feel free to contact us.

The sights

After your long trip, you will want to take it easy and explore the country a bit. We can help you with that, because we have written down some of the most beautiful places and attractions for you, which you should definitely see.

  1. Jesus Christ Statue in Rio de Janeiro, the statue is located on the top of the 700 meters high “Corcovado Mountain”. It is 39.6 meters high, making it the landmark of the city of Rio.
  2. The Sugar Loaf, a round mountain surrounded by the sea and considered a true natural wonder. Most visitors take the cable car to the top to enjoy the panoramic view.
  3. Copacabana is the most fashionable and famous section of downtown Rio. The beach is separated from the street by a promenade with palm trees.
  4. Bonito is a natural attraction unlike anywhere else, you are surrounded by caves and waterfalls and can swim and snorkel through a waterway and experience the world underwater.
  5. Salvador’s Pelourinho is a colonial city, which has an extraordinary collection of colonial buildings from the 17th and 18th centuries, and because of this, was declared the most beautiful city in South America by UNESCO.
  6. The Amazon is a rainforest through which flows the second largest river in the world, the Amazon. The nature is a true wonder, extraordinary creatures and rare plant species, can be experienced in this diversity nowhere in the world as impressive as here.
  7. Fortaleza is a windy coastal city that has been attracting adrenaline junkie kite surfers for years. It is also famous for its fresh seafood and numerous beach restaurants.
  8. Chapada dos Veadeiros is a huge national park with deep canyons and quartz crystal formations.

The Culinary Variety

  1. You should definitely get to know the Brazilian cuisine in all its variations. It has everything to offer from exciting fish dishes to really tasty desserts.
  2. Moqueca is a kind of stew that consists of fish, tomatoes, peppers, coconut milk, and coriander.
  3. Pirarucu a casaca is a dish made from an Amazon fish cooked with Brazil nut milk and served with carrots, leeks, and beans.
  4. Bobo de camarao is a cream of cooked cassava, peppers, garlic and tomatoes, with shrimp added. Sometimes ginger is also added.
  5. Pao de quejio is a Brazilian trifle that is very tasty. This treat is a so-called “cheese ball” that can be found in almost every place in the country nowadays.
  6. Pizza Banana, a variation to the Mediterranean pizza that you know. It consists of normal pizza dough, which is formed into a disc of dough with bananas, cinnamon and mozzarella, and later it is garnished with nuts.
  7. Brigardeiro is a typical Brazilian praline.

We hope we could help you a little bit and wish you a good start in your new home country.

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