“Move to Canada and on to a new exciting life”, this is your new life motto, you want to move to another country with different traditions and culture, for a change of scenery? Or maybe you need to move to Canada for professional reasons, to move to a new company, to accept a new job offer or you just want a new job in a new city?
No matter what reason you have for moving to Canada, we will give you all the useful information to make emigrating and starting your new life as good and easy as possible.

Moving to Canada – the types of visas

The most important thing in advance is the visa, i.e. the residence permit, because without it you are not allowed to stay in Canada for a longer period of time. There are 3 types of visas:

  1. Family visa: is considered as family reunion, applies to children, spouse or grandparents and parents.
  2. Skilled Worker Visa: is the most frequently used visa, because Canada has a great shortage of skilled workers. Here you have to write an aptitude test in advance, where the final score must be at least 67 points, otherwise you automatically fail and do not get this visa.
  3. Investor visa: applies to those who start a business in Canada, but here again separate requirements apply regarding private assets and a test.

Move to Canada – The move

Furthermore, customs regulations and the type of move are important. Most choose to move by container, where all their belongings are stored in a container and shipped to Canada. However, it takes 10-17 days for the container to arrive at the Canadian port. The costs for such a container amount to 3500 – 4500 CHF (here still further costs come in addition, for loading and unloading the container). However, you are welcome to contact our information desk, as prices vary greatly depending on the market situation, supply and demand.

When the container has arrived in Canada, you should add another 2-3 days for customs and the subsequent transport to your new home.
From then on you have made it, your belongings have arrived and you can first set up and build everything.
Once you have arrived in Canada and have overcome the stress of moving, you maybe want to explore some of the country and we want to give you a few ideas for beautiful, interesting trips and culinary experiences on the way.

Canada – the most popular sights

What you should definitely see in Canada:

  1. Jasper National Park, here you can expect wonderful nature and endless expanse never seen before and unforgettable scenery.
  2. Niagara Falls is located in the province of Ontario near the US border. Since 1885, Niagara Falls has been declared a natural park and is now visited by about 18 million people annually.
  3. The Historic District of Quebec, an impressive tourist attraction. Quebec was once a port city, of which several fortifications, residential buildings and historical monuments are still preserved. Since 1985, the historic district has also been a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  4. The CN Tower is a 553 meter high television tower in the city of Toronto and was considered the tallest television tower in the world until 2009. The name CN is derived from “Canadian National Railways”, a railroad company that built the tower together with the CBC.
  5. The Basilica of Notre Dame is a Roman Catholic basilica located in the old town of Montreal. It is definitely worth a visit, the most important and fascinating of this basilica is the organ, it has 99 stops, distributed over 4 manuals and pedals with 6500 pipes.
  6. The Vancouver Aquarium is the largest aquarium and marine biology research center in Canada. You can see dolphins, sharks, white whales, seals and sea otters and many other animals from amphibians to fish and mammals.
  7. The University of Toronto is the largest university in Canada and is ranked among the 20 best universities in the world. The university impresses with an architectural style of Romanesque and neo-Gothic combined with a change to Brutalism. It also has one of the largest research libraries in North America.
  8. The Royal Ontario Museum is located in Toronto and stands for art, culture and natural history.

Move to Canada – Your new culinary home

Now let’s move on to the culinary variety. Canada has much more to offer than you might think.
Typical for Canada are pancakes for breakfast, these are available in sweet and savory. The sweet pancakes have, as one knows, maple syrup as a topping. The savory version is eaten together with scrambled eggs and bacon.
Another classic is the so-called “poutine”, these are fries with gravy and pieces of mozzarella. Probably sounds a bit strange for us here, but is a real hype in Canada.

Another Canadian delicacy is “Beavertails”, this is a fat pastry that resembles the taste of donuts, but the shape is rather flat. Typical of Canada, the topping is a mixture of sugar, cinnamon and a lemon.
An absolute hit there is soft ice cream with chocolate. You can really find it on every street corner in Canada, we think you will just love this ice cream.
What you will definitely miss from Switzerland is the cheese fondue, which is absolutely not available in Canada. Our experts will be happy to advise you on exactly what you can and cannot take with you. Please contact us.

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