Have you ever thought about tackling a move to Chile? Or maybe you decided a long time ago to leave Switzerland and start a new life in this South American country?

We assume you have already gathered some information in advance. Spontaneous decisions regarding a move without careful preparation are almost always wrong. That’s why we are putting together some useful information for you in this post.

In this post, we continue to encourage you to fulfill your desire and build a new life in Chile. You will learn some things about the advantages of living in Chile and what the weather is like there. In addition, we will tell you what requirements you need to meet in order to live in this South American country for a long time.

Reasons for moving to Chile

Chile is a popular destination to emigrate to for a reason. So you will definitely not be the first to embark on the adventure of “moving to Chile”. But what are the advantages of living in this country in South America? Of course, we are happy to tell you.

Especially when it comes to security, Chile is one of the best countries in Latin America. In addition, the country has also developed excellently economically. So don’t be surprised if, while walking through the capital Santiago de Chile, you’re not sure whether you might be living in New York after all.

The statistics also speak a clear language regarding safety in Chile. In 2017, the country landed in 25th place among the most peaceful countries in the world. In Latin America, it is even undefeated at the top.

In addition, Chile’s location provides another advantage. On the map, this South American country looks quite elongated. In total, it has a coastline of over 6,000 km. In addition, with the Andes and the Chilean coastal range, there are also two mountains within reach. That’s why the locals often say that in Chile you can both swim in the sea and climb a mountain on the same day. And we have to admit: It’s true!

If you speak English, you also have quite good chances on the Chilean job market. There are numerous job offers for workers coming from abroad. Especially in the IT and financial sector, English-speaking employees are often sought.

Chilean weather and climate

Chile is located in the southern hemisphere, so the seasons are the opposite of the order here. But the climate in this South American country also depends on where you want to live. The temperatures and the weather are completely different in the north and the south.

The north has more of a desert-like climate. There are also some of the driest places on the planet. The average temperature per day is about 30 °C.

In the central part of Chile, you can expect a climate that you can compare with the one in countries along the Mediterranean Sea. There are long and hot summers, but also mild winters.

In southern Chile there is much more rain than in the rest of the country. In addition, it gets quite cold here in winter, temperatures below 0 °C can occur. But in summer it is not as hot as in the rest of the country.

Furthermore, the coast also plays a role. Although the country is quite narrow on the map, especially the Humboldt Current provides a strong cooling near the Chilean Pacific coast.

If you want to swim, however, you should rather stay in the north of the country. For that, the Andes are popular destinations for winter sports enthusiasts.

Apply for the right visa for your move to Chile

If you do not want to move to Chile only for a short time, then you will hardly be able to do anything with a tourist visa. We would like to mention that as a Swiss citizen you are allowed to stay in the country for up to 90 days without a visa. But if you have decided to move to Chile, then this will be rather too short for you.

The most important visas for immigrants are the Temporary Resident Visa (Residentes Temporarios), the Student Visa (Residentes Estudiantes) and the Foreign Worker Visa (Residentes sujeto a contrato).

If you have already lived in Chile for at least 2 years with temporary visas and can prove that you can finance your own living expenses, you may also apply for the permanent visa “Permanencia Definitiva”.

In this article, we have provided you with a number of helpful information that will surely make your move to Chile easier. You know the advantages of living in Chile and where you can settle everywhere. Moreover, you now know the visa requirements for immigration to Chile.

Nevertheless, it may be that one or the other question is still not clarified, but we will be happy to help and advise you if this is the case with you. All you have to do is to write us a short mail.