You have decided to tackle a move to Freienbach in the canton of Schwyz? This is a municipality in the district of Höfe, consisting of the villages of Pfäffikon, Freienbach, Wilen bei Wollerau, Bäch and Hurden. Apart from Pfäffikon, all of them are characterized by a rather village-like character.

You will certainly have already completed one or the other parade in the past. From this experience, you surely know that this can be an exhausting project. If you do not prepare accordingly, it can quickly happen that you forget some little things. However, it is often these little things that cause the most problems.

In order for this not to happen to you, we have written this blogpost for you. Thanks to the tips and hints that follow now, you will know what to pay attention to. Then you will not only experience a stress-free move to Freienbach, but also start your new life relaxed.

Transporting your furniture for the move to Freienbach

When you are planning your move to Freienbach, you need to take special care of the transportation of your belongings. After all, living in your new apartment without furniture and utensils such as plates is not a very good idea.
Many people prefer to handle the move completely on their own. Nevertheless, if you want to do this, you should definitely seek assistance. Because especially with heavy and unwieldy pieces of furniture, you will be glad if your friends support you energetically.

Alternatively, more and more people who have a move to Freienbach ahead of them are opting to work with a moving company. Sure, you will have to dig much deeper into your pocket for this. But then you benefit from the fact that the employees have already gained a lot of experience. Accordingly, you can sit back and relax and leave the work to a professional company.

Find a trustworthy company for your move to Freienbach

Unfortunately, there is a high number of dubious providers, especially in the moving industry. However, there are ways you can keep this risk as low as possible.

First, you should pick a few companies. Then contact your favorites and get a quote. This will make it easier for you to compare individual service providers for your move to Freienbach.

To avoid falling for a scammer, be sure to focus on criteria other than price. This is because they may seem interesting at first with incredibly low costs. However, as soon as you look at the services, you realize that you are paying on top for every little bit. In the end, you end up paying even more than with reputable companies. In view of this, criteria such as value for money are more important than a low-cost offer.

If you are not sure, you also have the option to search various review portals for experiences with the companies. If you have friends or relatives who have also worked with a moving company, you can also ask them for a recommendation.

After the move in Freienbach you have to register

After you move into your new apartment in Freienbach, you have 14 days to register with the municipality. Otherwise, you risk a heavy fine. Since the registration takes only a very short time, it is not worth it at all to put up with this. Nevertheless, some people have forgotten this small but very important step.

The registration takes place at the Office for Residents’ Services in Pfäffikon. You can find this at the following address:

Etzelstrasse 13, CH-8808 Pfäffikon

What to do after your move to Freienbach?

Now all your furniture is in your new apartment and you have already emptied your boxes. Now it’s time to enjoy the pleasant part of your move to Freienhbach: You now have time to explore your new home.

The best thing to do is to take a few walks around your new place of residence. Meet new people, explore the nature all around and fall in love with the local cuisine.

The location of Freinbach

Freienbach is located in the canton of Schwyz and primarily inspires with an idyllic location on the beautiful Lake Zurich. Among other things, the islands of Lützelau and Ufnau are also part of the municipality’s territory. The Frauenwinkel nature reserve, which has the largest reed area on Lake Zurich, also belongs to Freienbach. Hikers will be especially pleased to know that the Etzel Pass also belongs in part to Freienbach.

The sights in Freienbach

In Freienbach, if you walk around with your eyes open, you will find some interesting buildings. One of them is the former parish church of St. Peter and Paul on the island of Ufnau. But you should also not miss the castle tower Schlossanlage Pfäffikon near Lake Zurich during a sightseeing tour.

Local dishes in Freienbach

Freienbach is located in the canton of Schwyz, so you should definitely try the local Schwyz cuisine. You will certainly notice that there are a lot of soups. Especially popular among the people of Schwyz are cheese soup, bread soup and Leutschner white wine soup.

Another classic of the Schwyz cuisine is the Benedictine stew. This consists of three main ingredients – minced meat, leek and cream cheese. It is best eaten with bread or potatoes.

In this article, we have now revealed to you how to plan a move to Freienbach without stress. You are guaranteed to fall in love with the town in the canton of Schwyz after just a short time. If you still have questions, you can contact us at any time. We will then help you as much as possible.

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