You want to emigrate to Greece, but you are still unsure about the many documents, the different visas and the many other documents and registrations? We are happy to help you and give you here a first insight into which documents are the most important, what you absolutely must pay attention to in advance and how you will best get along in Greece. In addition, we also want to give you a first taste of the culinary diversity as well as the wonderful landscape and beautiful sights.

Move to Greece – Residence Permit and Visa

For all EU citizens, entry is allowed without a visa and you are allowed to stay up to 3 months. After the 3 months, however, a residence permit is required. You can apply for this at the local police station or at the foreigners office. The permit in Greece is then limited to 5 years for the first time, but can also be extended. If you already have a job, or if you want to find one within the 3 months or if you want to start your own business, you have to bring the respective proofs with you so that they can issue your residence permit.

Health insurance and registration office, when you move to Greece

Also in Greece it is mandatory that you have health insurance, this means you have to find one locally and register with them. If you are bringing family members with you or moving to Greece, you must also have health insurance for them. In addition, you should consider whether you want to take out additional private insurance, because in Greece, on the one hand, the health structure is not developed nationwide and on the other hand, preventive services are far different from what you might know and want to take advantage of.

In addition, as in any other country, you must register at a registration office with your place of residence and your identity card. You can do this locally in the city you want to move to.

The move to greece

Most important point in advance, plan your move carefully, you want to move to another country and order and planning is quite important, otherwise at least half will go wrong. Make a list of all your items that you want to take with you. The items that are important such as IDs, documents for banks, proof of new job, security, etc. you should pack and take on your own. Think about how you want to move, for example, to Greece there is the possibility to have everything delivered by truck by container with a ship. Once you have made your decisions here, check with several moving companies and get individual price proposals to compare them in the end.


After all the stress of moving, you’ll want to see and get to know some of Greece. We would like to introduce you to a few of the most beautiful and famous attractions:

  1. Acropolis, the landmark of the city of Athens. Here we are talking about the ruins of the former city fortress, which still hold your ancient charm.
  2. Ruins of Delphi, one of the most mystical sights of Greece. The sacred site used to be the destination of many visitors who wanted to ask the Oracle of Apollo about their future. The site is located on the slopes of Mount Parnas and can be visited almost all year round.
  3. Santorini, the pearl of Greece, really looks like on the countless postcards. The white houses with the round blue domes and the beautiful bays and beaches.
  4. Mandraki- harbor in Rhodes town is worth a side trip, here used to stand the “Colossus of Rhodus” a huge bronze statue in honor of Helios.
  5. Navagio Bay in Zakynthos is a very special beach, as it is surrounded by rocks and there is a shipwreck in the bay, which is considered a landmark of the island.
  6. Athens Agora, is the market place of Athens. Here you should definitely visit the Temple of Hephaestus, it is amazingly well preserved and you can be enchanted by the ancient architecture.
  7. Peloponnese, a peninsula which has many sights to offer. You should definitely visit the ancient city of Olympia.

Culinary Variety

  1. In Greece you should definitely appreciate the variety of dishes and traditional dishes, because they are truly excellent. Here we would like to introduce you to the most famous and popular ones:
  2. Moussaka, an eggplant casserole, traditionally prepared in a baking tray with high sides.
  3. Gyros with pita bread and lots of vegetables is similar to the kebab we know, and you can buy them almost everywhere in Greece.
  4. Souvlaki are skewers of beef, pork or chicken served on a plate along with vegetables, chips and pita bread.
  5. Dolmadakia are stuffed vine leaves that are popular on menus in Greece during the summer months.
  6. Loukoumades are small, round balls of dough covered with honey and cinnamon. They are said to have been served to the winners of the Olympic Games in ancient Greece.
  7. Baklava is made of puff pastry soaked in honey and sugar syrup and filled with chopped nuts. Probably the sweetest dessert you can get in Greece.

We hope we could help you a little bit and wish you good luck and a good start in your new life. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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