You want to emigrate to Israel and are unsure about the visa and the move? We will be happy to help you and provide you with the most important information in advance.

Residence permit and visa for your move to Israel

For a stay of 3 months most people already need a visa, unless Israel has a special agreement with your country of origin, you can see this list in the Foreign Office for Migration. If your country is not on this list, you need a visa immediately upon entry, here applies as in the EU, a 90-day visitor visa. You can apply for this visa at the Foreign Office.
For a longer residence permit, you must contact the branches of the Israeli Ministry of Interior in the respective place of residence. They will give you information on residence issues. Normally, an extended certificate of good conduct and a certificate of singleness are required for a residence permit (for spouses, the document is valid before marriage).
The final decision on immigration of individuals is made by an official of the Ministry of Interior, who has received the authority from the Minister of Interior.

Moving to Israel

You should definitely think in advance about how to get there. Your belongings can be brought there either by ship or by van. Therefore, get some quotes from different companies to find the best deal for you. Then you should write a list where you list all your furniture, items and everything you want to take with you. This list you give once to your moving company, this will make your work easier and prevent chaos. And another list, please write for customs, as you will be able to move much faster and clarify any questions about items more quickly. Besides, it is important that you go to the customs clearance in person, because it is a regulation that the owner must collect his belongings, or at least you must receive your belongings. For the further transport you can of course look for a moving company or ask your already known company to take care of the further transport from the ship to your home abroad. Make sure that you have clarified this question before your move, as it is difficult to find a company spontaneously in Israel that will take over your transport for you. We will be happy to guide you step by step through the whole process and make your life easier.

The most famous sights of Israel

After your arrival and unpacking and settling in, you will surely want to discover the country, for this we have compiled here the most important attractions and sights for you, which are definitely worth a visit.

Jerusalem the “Holy City” of Israel, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a must visit. The city has thousands of years of history to offer. Besides the Mount of Olives with panoramic views, you can also visit the Christian site and walk along the “Way of Sorrows”. Jerusalem also has a beautiful old city and many well-preserved buildings from the past that you can stroll along.

The Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth is a very special monument with a lot of historical background.
Sea of Galilee, framed by mountains and illuminated in wonderful emerald green.

The Dead Sea is one of the best experiences in Israel, as it is the lowest point on earth. In addition, the Dead Sea offers an amazing view all the way to Jordan. You can dive into another world there and relax in the salty sea water and find your inner peace.

Tel Aviv, the second largest city in Israel with 4000 historical buildings, is one of the most important sights. Tel Aviv has everything to offer from history, stunning buildings, museums and skyscrapers to beautiful green parks and beaches.
The Bahai Gardens, also known as the Hanging Gardens, are located in the city of Haifa and are considered a place of pilgrimage.

Culinary diversity – the most famous dishes of Israel

Israeli cuisine is a special cuisine, it relies a lot on small grains and seeds and has very many different influences, whether Mediterranean, Moroccan, Lebanese or Arab, Israeli cuisine has room for them all.

  1. Shakshuka, a dish made of tomatoes, eggs, onions, chili peppers and tomato sauce. It is served with pita bread.
  2. Hummus is a must in Israel, where the classic version is eaten (without meat), consisting of chickpeas and tahini paste.
  3. Falafel, a true tradition in Israel. Falafel are small round balls made of chickpeas and herbs. Nowadays, the small balls are known as street food, which are popularly eaten together with pita and salad.
  4. Shawarma is the Israeli kebab with hummus, eggplant, lettuce, meat and sauces.
  5. Malabi is an Israeli dessert which is made of rice flour, corn starch and milk. It is similar to Italian panna cotta only less caloric.
  6. Rugelach are small croissants filled with nuts, raisins and jam and have a chocolate ganache. They are sold on just about every corner in Israel and are popular as a snack with coffee.

We wish you a nice and successful start in your new life and hope that we could help you a little bit. If you have any questions about your move to Israel, please feel free to contact us.

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