You would like to move to Switzerland to Lucerne and are still unsure how exactly to proceed with your move? Are you a bit overwhelmed or are you afraid to forget important documents for the entry or the stay?

We are happy to give you a few tips on how to best handle a move so as not to fall into chaos. And to save yourself unnecessary stress.

New in Switzerland? Move to Lucerne made easy

It’s best to start by making a list of all the important documents, items, furniture and everything you want to take with you. To enter Switzerland you will also need a visa, it is best to apply for this well in advance, as the processing time is usually very long. For those who are only moving within Switzerland, the visa is of course not necessary. There are of course also differences regarding the visa, more precisely, there are two different types of visas in Switzerland.

One distinguishes among others:

  1. The Schengen Visa, but with this visa you are only allowed to stay in Switzerland for 90 days.
  2. And the National Visa D, this visa is for those who want to stay longer than 90 days, but for this you also need a residence permit and a work permit.

For your move Lucerne – you need the right moving company

The second important thought, which you should implement as soon as possible, is the search for a moving company, here there are now so many that you sometimes lose the overview. Pay attention here in any case to the price-performance ratios and do not just go by the price. You can also ask the company in advance how you handle their moves and what to consider, so you find out if you would be satisfied with it. Since the prices for a move can change very quickly and depend on so many influencing factors such as the distance, the arrival and departure and the cubic meters, etc., we do not like to list prices here, but you are welcome to make an individual inquiry with us. This way all important factors will be included and the price will be realistic and tailored to your move.

When you have found a good company, make a plan of what furniture and items you want to take with you and then give this plan to the moving company, this will make some of the work easier. Important point here, be present on the day of the move, make sure nothing is forgotten.

The registration in Lucerne

Another important point when moving is to deregister in your hometown and register in your new place of residence. You must do this at the residents’ registration office in your new canton.

The address is:

Obergrundstrasse 1, 6003 Lucerne

Here you can come in person and clarify your request on the spot, or you can simply call and ask for an explanation of how the re-registration works or write an e-mail to the Residents’ Registration Office.

Lucerne – a city to dream about

To ensure you get off to the best possible start, we would like to show you a few beautiful corners of Lucerne that you might want to get to know or visit.

The best sights in Lucerne:

  1. Lake Lucerne, a lake surrounded by mountains and thus holds a particularly beautiful atmosphere.
  2. Kapellbrücke, is a medieval bridge that stretches over the river Reuss
  3. Lucerne Old Town
  4. Museggtürme are a part of the city fortifications from the Middle Ages and together with the Kapellbrücke and the tower contained therein are considered landmarks of the city of Lucerne
  5. Concert hall in the KKL Luzern, is appreciated for its tremendous acoustics and is used for theater, concerts and cultural events
  6. Rigi is a mountain massif, with a peak which is 1797 meters high, this peak is also called “Rigi Kulm” and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Lucerne
  7. Glacier Garden and Mirror Labyrinth, a natural monument with a park and a museum
  8. Pilatus Lucerne, the steepest cog railroad in the world, is also very popular with tourists to experience a little action

Lucerne – The Culinary Arts

What you should also try are some typical dishes from the canton, because it has a lot to offer.

Culinary diversity in Lucerne:

  1. Poulet, is a dish of chicken meat grilled together with French fries and a dipping sauce.
  2. Alp Chäserenholz, here you can get freshly made cheese from Franz- Toni Kennel, who lets you take part in the cheese production if you want to.
  3. Le Trois Fondue, this is a special fondue, where three cheese fondues are served together, each of them in a small bowl, with side dishes such as vegetables or white bread.

We hope that we can make your move a little easier with these tips and wish you every success with your move and in your new home.

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