You want to emigrate to the beautiful Mediterranean island of Malta and do not know exactly how to proceed with your move and feel overwhelmed by the many documents and entry requirements? We are happy to help you and try to tell you the most important regulations as simple as possible. In addition, we would like to give you a few valuable tips to make your move as stress-free as possible.

Residence permit

If you are an EU citizen, you are allowed to enter and stay in Malta for 3 months without a visa or residence certificate. After the 3 months have passed, you will need to apply for a certificate. In Malta, there are two groups, “ordinary residence” and “long-term residence”.

Ordinary residence: From a continuous stay of 6 months Malta is considered as the ordinary residence. So if you want to change your residence to Malta, you have to make a declaration within the 3 months from your arrival. For this purpose, one must fill out a form and submit it to the local police station. Conditions are: economic independence if you want to live on the island as a pensioner, student or tourist, as an employed person who can support himself and his family, who is also allowed to make such an application.

Long Term Residence: Can only be applied for if you have lived in Malta continuously for at least 5 years. Whether you have lived in Malta as a pensioner, an employed person, a student or a job seeker, you will all need to provide the same supporting documents. These include: Registration slips, salary slips, tax returns, certificate of study, utility bills and rental agreements.

Moving to the beautiful Mediterranean island of Malta

tmost important beforehand is planning for your move to Malta. You should definitely make a list where you list all your items. You should make such a list not only for yourself, but also for your moving company, because this will make their work easier. Also for customs such a list is often very helpful to facilitate the search. In addition, you should get quotes from the moving companies or a freight forwarder in advance, so you can check the price-performance ratios. Each company offers different conditions and it is important that you question them carefully, so that you do not have to struggle with complications in the end. It is important to create comparability, not every company includes the same services. A mistake that many people make is to give different volumes to different providers, this creates price differences that have nothing to do with reality.

The last step to arrive in Malta is for your belongings to be transported by ship, this means that you will have to pick up your belongings at the port, if you do not have a suitable car you will have to rent one or request a moving company to load your belongings. However, it is important that you are still present on that day, because only you personally are allowed to “pick up” your cargo. Our team will be happy to accompany you during your move to Malta and will go with you every step of the way until the move is successful.

The most beautiful and popular sights of Malta

  1. Malta is an island that has a lot to offer in terms of culture, landscape, beaches and beautiful buildings. We have noted here a few of the most famous and beautiful attractions, in case you want to visit any.
  2. Rotunda of Mosta, a Roman Catholic basilica, known worldwide mainly for its dome. It is the third largest basilica in the world and was built on the model of the Pantheon in 1860.
  3. The Blue Grotto is one of the most popular attractions and is visited daily by many tourists who visit the rock gate and often take a small boat trip to see the grotto in more detail.
  4. Valetta, the capital of Malta, is one of the most popular destinations for culture lovers, as there are many beautiful buildings and fantastic architecture to see. The city is also surrounded by fortifications, which gives the city a special charm and flair.
  5. St. John’s Co-Cathedral, the most magnificent church in Malta.
  6. Golden Bay, one of the most beautiful beaches in Malta, here you can expect not only a beautiful beach, but also a fantastic scenic panorama.
  7. Citadel in Victoria was built in 1500 BC and offers a breathtaking view over the island of Gozo.

Culinary diversity – the best dishes

Maltese cuisine is a composition of various influences, including Mediterranean, Oriental and British cuisine. The special thing about it is that this has created an enormous culinary diversity, which is represented by the locals and loved and appreciated by tourists.

  1. Timpana, macaroni with minced meat sauce in a pastry pocket.
  2. Torti, pies filled with ricotta, eggs and parsley.
  3. Fenek, rabbit meat which is fried with garlic and traditionally served with potato wedges.
  4. Ravjul, the Maltese ravioli, which are also very similar to the Italian ones, the only significant difference is the goat cheese used in Malta for the filling.
  5. Kannoli, deep fried dough balls filled with ricotta and candied fruit.

We hope that we could help you a little bit and wish you a nice and successful move to Malta and a successful start on the island of Malta. If you have any questions or would like more detailed information, please feel free to contact us.