You are planning to move to South America and have chosen Paraguay, a landlocked country with borders with Bolivia, Brazil and Argentina? Would you like help to consider, arrange and organize everything for your move to Paraguay? Contact us with confidence. You will find all the assistance you need.

Moving company and customs regulations

It is important to choose a moving company that suits you. List in advance what everything is to be shipped. In this way, the most accurate cost calculation can be made and you will avoid forgetting anything and the situation will not grow over your head.

You should not neglect to inform yourself in time about customs regulations. You can find relevant information on the Internet and the moving company you have chosen will also give you more detailed information.

Entry requirements, visa and residence permit when moving to Paraguay

You yourself do not need a visa for the first 90 days, but you do need a valid passport. Another 90 days you can extend your stay for a fee. In the capital Asuncion you can immediately apply for a permanent residence permit and after receiving it a Paraguayan identity card.

In the home country you should already collect the following required documents:

  1. certified police certificate of good conduct for persons over 14 years of age
  2. birth certificate, preferably international
  3. for married couples you need a marriage certificate
  4. possible divorce decree

Various possibilities are considered as proof of liquidity

  1. the capital proof of a valuable real estate in Paraguay
  2. the deposit slip of a Paraguayan bank, to be opened in Paraguay over 5.000 US-$ (4.600 CHF)
  3. a notarized employment contract of a job in Paraguay with indication of the salary
  4. for pensioners the pension certificate
  5. for school children the last school report

If you plan to practice a profession, you will need certificates and/or diplomas of professional training.

Please send all documents to the Paraguayan Consulate General with the request for legalization. Your documents will be translated into Spanish by a certified translator in Paraguay.

To avoid unnecessary hassle and save time, you should contact an immigration officer in the new country. He or she will apply with you for

  1. Current health certificate including Aids test, which should be done on the spot.
  2. Affidavit of compliance with Paraguayan law
  3. Liquidity proof of conditions already mentioned
  4. Certificate of good conduct for foreigners
  5. Certificate of registration of the new residence
  6. Certified copy of your passport.

You will submit these documents in person to the Immigration Office in Asuncion, along with an immigration application in Spanish.

Move to Paraguay – General Information about the Country

Now that everything is taken care of and your belongings are in place, you can calmly begin to get to know your new home and acclimatize. Paraguay has a lot to offer.

Paraguay is about the size of Switzerland and Germany combined. It has a presidential democracy. It is a central state, divided into 17 departamentos.

The capital has about 508,000 inhabitants and is the largest city. Other large cities are Ciudad del Este and San Lorenzo. The official languages are Guarani and Spanish. One can communicate well with English and mainly with hands and feet. In addition, at least 5% of the population is of German, Austrian and Swiss origin. In the savannah of Paraguay live and work today about 13,000 Mennonites of German origin. The national currency is the Paraguayan Guarani. But almost everywhere in the country US-$ are accepted and even very welcome.

The people are very friendly, frugal and love their personal peace.

Education in Paraguay is compulsory for nine years. Then one can attend secondary schools.

Geography, climate, flora and fauna of Paraguay

The Rio Paraguay divides the country into two major landscapes, the tropical savanna areas of the Chaco Boreal in the west and the subtropical rainforest areas in the lowlands and mountains in the east. In the savannas, summer temperatures rise to 40 °.

In the east there are mountain and table lands, partly covered with evergreen rainforests. Here it often rains in summer, but the temperatures do not fall below 20 ° even in winter.

The second mighty river is the Rio Parana, which reaches the Atlantic Ocean 1,000 km away. Paraguay does not lack water energy.

The country’s diverse wildlife includes armadillos, jaguars, anteaters, wild boars, fallow deer, caimans, toucans, parrots and countless other species.

Sights and culinary diversity

On the border with Brazil, there is the Itaipu hydroelectric power plant with dam and reservoir on the Parana River. In the national park in the district of Presidente Franco, overwhelming waterfalls await you. In the district of Trinidad you will find a former Jesuit reduction. Great ruins are still standing here.

In Asuncion, the Palacio de Lopez is worth seeing. It houses the seat of government of the state.

There is much more to discover and experience in Paraguay, from national parks to museums to botanical gardens and for those of you who like to be out and about among people, there are numerous bars, restaurants and clubs.

The cuisine in Paraguay consists mostly of meat dishes, but vegetables and fruits are also part of it. People like to sit together and barbecue. Rice, cassava, beans or sweet potatoes are also served as side dishes.

“Sopa Paraguaya” is the national dish, a casserole made of corn, onions, milk and cheese. Popular snacks are empanadas and tortillas.

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We wish you good luck and success in your new home.