Are you looking to make a move to Qatar in the near future? This country offers numerous opportunities for all people who want to build a new life.

With its high quality of life, excellent healthcare and commendable educational prospects, Qatar is an extremely welcoming country for expats. The country’s frugality has continued and the banking, financial services and technology sectors have developed well over time.

You will find that this country is also an excellent destination for expats looking for job opportunities if you are considering moving to Qatar. With its numerous benefits, Qatar is truly a fascinating place to live.

However, it is important to consider both the advantages and disadvantages of moving to the country, some of which we will address in this post.

Following your move to Qatar, find accommodation.

If you want to live in the country, it is important that you find your new home before moving to Qatar. To ensure that your cross-border move is as effective as possible, it is ideal to find your future home before hiring a cross-border moving company. This way, your belongings can be safely packed and delivered to your new address.

New accommodation for expatriates is constantly being built in Qatar, so finding your dream home in this fascinating country is very easy. Most of the accommodations offered in Qatar are located in complexes that have amenities such as gyms, cafes, pools and other facilities.

However, there are limitations regarding the lack of variety in accommodations. Qatar is limited to housing estates and high-rise apartments, which means that finding a specific type of accommodation, such as a house, can be tedious.

What does life look like after you move to Qatar?

Qatar is what you make of it, and with a variety of opportunities available to newcomers from abroad, the country can offer a truly excellent quality of life.

The country’s population is small and the expat community is tight-knit. This means that it is easy to socialize in Qatar.
With top-notch galleries, fascinating artistic events, and stunning desert vistas, the country truly offers a unique selection of attractions to explore after you move to Qatar.

For expats looking to relocate with their family, there are numerous groups and activities for children to participate in. For single expats, there are also plenty of opportunities to find a new hobbyhorse and throw yourself into everything the country has to offer.

What is the weather like in Qatar?

The extreme heat during the months of June through August makes Qatar unbearable for most of the time. During this time, air pollution is high, and expats looking to move to the country will find that the metros are deserted during the summer and locals and expats alike leave Qatar.

In contrast to the extreme heat in the summer months, Qatar’s winters are temperate. This period of cooler precipitation means that expats can enjoy numerous outdoor activities, such as a pleasant beachfront with stunning views of the shore.

Security after your move to Qatar

When you move to another country, you may be concerned about their safety, health, and general well-being. That’s where moving to Qatar offers you many advantages, as the country is known for its low crime rate.

Accordingly, expatriates coming to Qatar need not worry about their safety. The country is famous for its safety for men and women alike, with low situations of petty crime.

Although Qatar is generally a relatively safe country, as a new resident you should expect that the most unsafe place in the country is the streets. With both expats and locals often driving frantically on the streets of Qatar, it is important for newcomers to always be alert on the roads and obey the law.

In addition, since many locals and expats travel by car, you should expect a lot of traffic. However, it is important to keep in mind that the country is still developing – and that the expansion of public transportation is accelerating.

Finding Work in Qatar

Strict regulations apply to expats who want to do business in Qatar. If you are planning to move to Qatar to find work, you must note that you will not be allowed to work in the country without a valid work permit. The visa process is one that expats should prepare for, as it is very involved.

Well educated expats often have a higher position. In fact, the work contracts can cover housing, breaks, transportation and education for children, which is a great incentive. Apart from that, those who want to move to Qatar should expect to pay very duties.

With this, you already know quite a bit about what to expect after you move to Qatar. It is a very special experience to live in another country for some time. We are sure that you will not regret choosing this country.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. After all, we would like to support you in the best possible way. What do you have to do? Basically just send us an email!

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