You would like to move to Singapore? There you can expect a lot of culture and a variety of traditions and people. The city of Singapore is composed of “Singha” and “Pura”, which means “Lion City” in German. So the island also has a lot of history to offer.

Visa and residence when you move to Singapore

You can enter Singapore without a visa, only the passport is important. You can then stay there for 90 days, during which you can apply for a visa/residence permit.

For example, you can apply for the Employment Passport, which includes all foreign professionals who want to work in Singapore. The requirements are that you already have a job offer and you are entitled to a fixed monthly salary there.

If you want to have a permanent residence permit, you need to go to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority website. There you can fill out an application for permanent residence permit. The application process usually takes between 6 and 12 months, after approval you are entitled as a “permanent resident” to enter and leave the country whenever you want. In addition, you will no longer need a visa. The requirements for a permanent permit can be found on the website of the Immigration Department of Singapore. There are listed all the important documents you need for your application.

Move to Singapore

The most important thing in advance: Planning is everything! Take care of your de-registration in your current residence, cancel all memberships, take care of a new tenant or new owner for your home. Check with different moving companies to see exactly what they offer and compare quotes. You are also welcome to inquire with us and we will put together a custom quote for you. Furthermore, it is important to familiarize yourself with the customs regulations, you can easily read them on the Internet and if you have any questions, please contact us. In addition, you should take care of the registration in your place of residence in Singapore plus open a bank account and register connections such as internet, etc.

Sightseeing and Culinary Variety

After arriving and moving and unpacking your furniture and belongings, you’ll want to start by exploring your surroundings and settling in.

After you have settled in a bit and have really arrived, you will certainly want to experience the country and the people along with your culture. For this, we have picked out the top attractions and experiences that you should definitely visit.

  1. Marina Bay Sands is the most spectacular hotel, with 55 floors and a height of 191 meters, it is the largest hotel in Singapore.
  2. Hindu temple Sri Mariamman, the oldest building on the island, who wants to enter the temple, must follow the rules, which are posted there, for example, you must take off your shoes.
  3. Colonial Quarter is the name given to the quarter that used to be part of the English colony and still has many buildings and landmarks that are very reminiscent of Britain.
  4. Chinatown is in the south of Singapore and the Chinese quarter of the island, the neighborhood has its own charm, narrow streets with small stores and many bars and restaurants.
  5. Botanic Gardens was founded in 1859 and is one of the most important gardens in Asia. Meanwhile, the Botanic Gardens of Singapore contain more than 3000 different tropical plants, including trees, shrubs and aquatic plants with specially created lakes, as well as rare species of flowers.

The island’s cuisine is very special and it owes this to the many different influences. In Singapore, influences from Malaysia, South India, Vietnam, China and England blend together. This creates a great variety of dishes that are a real treat for the palate. However, you will have a problem if you are vegetarian or vegan, in Singapore they don’t see this so closely and rather live according to the motto “if you don’t see meat, there is none in it”, which is mostly wrong. If you want dishes without meat, ask exactly, or pay attention to where monks eat, they are not allowed to consume meat for religious reasons.

The national dish of Singapore is “Laksa”, a curry-like soup prepared on the basis of coconut milk and chili. Included in the soup are usually rice noodles, vegetables and fish.

Another specialty is the “Hokkien-Mee”, fried noodles with vegetables or meat.

For those of you with a sweet tooth, there is the so-called “Putu Piring”, delicious little steamed rice cakes with a caramelized sugar filling.

We hope that we could help you a little bit for your move to Singapore and that we could give you some first suggestions and stimuli.

We wish you every success and a good start in your new life.

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