Do you want to make your move to the Philippines and need help to get everything done as promptly and smoothly as possible? We will help you in every way. Let us advise you to consider everything and not overlook any important detail.

Important things for your move to the Philippines

First of all, find a moving company you trust. Discuss all the procedures in detail and bring a list of all the furniture and other items you want to have in your new home. This will allow for the most accurate cost listing possible.

It is best to inform yourself on the Internet about what you are allowed to carry duty-free when entering the country and what is not allowed or what is prohibited. This will save you trouble and inconvenience.

Do not forget to deregister from all membership contracts in your current place of residence and have your residence deregistered at the Residents Registration Office.

Immigration requirements when you move to the Philippines

The Immigration Bureau is solely responsible for enforcing immigration laws. Foreigners must re-register annually. The Department of Labor issues work permits if one has a work permit. One is allowed to stay in the Philippines for 30 days without a visa. However, the passport must be valid for at least 6 months upon entry. After that you need a visa. There are special visas for pensioners, employers and investors. A pension authority has been established to take care of people who have entered the country and want to spend their retirement in this island nation.

You need the following documents:

  1. a completed application form, which you can get at the immigration office
  2. 6 passport photos
  3. about 20,000 PHP (364 CHF) for the application fees
  4. Letter of request from the spouse, if the spouse is Filipino, in such cases also marriage certificate in English and birth certificate of the Filipino spouse
  5. Police clearance certificate, certified by the Philippine Embassy in Switzerland
  6. a health certificate
  7. Immigration Clearance Certificate
  8. Proof of sufficient funds

For pensioners the Philippines are a paradise. Otherwise, you should stand on your own feet, because unemployment benefits are unknown in the Philippines. Wages are low and there are many unemployed. Working there is only worthwhile through an international company or self-employment.

Interesting and informative facts about the Philippines

They are a country consisting of 7,641 islands, divided into the groups Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. They belong to Asia and are located in the western Pacific Ocean. The capital Manila is located on the main island Luzon. They are the only Asian state with a predominantly Catholic population. Official languages today are Filipino and English. The currency is the Philippine peso, about 55 pesos are 1 CHF.

The archipelago is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire and has an increased risk of earthquakes and volcanism.
More than 130 rivers rise in the mountains, and their estuaries are popular settlement and farmland. Pinatubo, which erupted in 1991, is the best known of the more than a dozen volcanoes still active. The Philippine Trench is the second deepest ocean trench at up to 10,540 meters. The highest mountains on land are 2954 and 2929 meters high. There are many beautiful waterfalls to explore and insanely beautiful views of the diverse landscape to enjoy.

The low tropical latitudes provide seasonal temperature variations. Average monthly temperatures range from 25 to 29°. The central and northern islands experience typhoons and tropical cyclones between June and September.

There is hardly a country with such a variety of plant life. More than 14,000 species can be found. Over 5,000 different animal species, plus countless insect species.

Sights and culinary diversity

  1. Between February and June, whale sharks can be seen in the Bay of Donsol (Biscol region).
  2. Many mountains like Mount Apo in Davao offer great hiking opportunities.
  3. The famous “Cloud 9” is the attraction par excellence for surfers.
  4. The Chocolat Hills are a tourist magnet with fantastic views.
  5. The rice terraces in Norluzon are something special for Europeans. A round trip is recommended in this area.
  6. Colonial paths can be followed very well on Luzon, for example in Silay and Vigan City.
  7. The country has many interesting museums, such as the National Museum of the Philippines or the National Museum of Natural History in Manila.

Among the most popular foods in the Philippines are:

  1. Pancit Canton, a very tasty noodle dish.
  2. Lechon Kawali, pork belly, crispy and salty outside, juicy inside
  3. Pansit Chami are flat noodles with chicken, shrimp and vegetables
  4. Chicken adobo is a stew with marinated chicken pieces, pan fried with soy sauce and spices, served with rice
  5. Ensaymada, is a sweet pastry for those of you who also like to snack.

Generally, a lot of fish and seafood is also used, as well as fruits and vegetables.
The Philippines is an interesting country and we hope to have given you many suggestions.

We wish you all the best and much success for your coming new phase of life! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.