Do you want to move to Thusis? But you do not know where to start? We understand that. Because your move to Thusis also involves many obstacles.

Of course, with all the stress, one or the other important thing can fall under the table. But you can avoid many mistakes with the appropriate preparation.

To help you avoid unnecessary missteps, we have written this article for you. We will tell you how to get your furniture to Thusis, how to register it and what else you should do afterwards. Thanks to this information, your move will also go smoothly.

The preparation for the move to Thusis

What is probably the point that most people worry about when moving? Quite simply, it is about the transportation of the furniture. You have several options to get your belongings to Thusis.

One option that is often used is self-managed transport. You bring your furniture to your new apartment with your own or a rented transporter. It is also best to ask people in your social environment. You are sure to find some helpful friends there who will be happy to lend you a helping hand.

The next option you can fall back on are moving companies. Of course, they cost more than friends. After all, the employees of such companies also want to pay their rent and be financially rewarded for their hard work. In return, however, the staff is extremely knowledgeable.

But how do you find a quality moving company? The best way is to look for several companies beforehand and get different quotes from your favorites. Unfortunately, there are a lot of black sheep in this area. For this reason, quality should be of higher importance to you than the financial aspect.

Fortunately, the Internet helps you to make a decision. Dubious companies have a dubious reputation on various rating portals. If users have had mostly bad experiences, then you should rather keep your distance from this company.
You can also find a lot of information about this on our website. If you still have questions, you can of course send us a message.

The registration after your move to Thusis

Finally all your furniture is in your new apartment. Does that mean that everything is already done with regard to your move to Thusis? No, by no means! Because now you still have to go to the authorities.

First of all, you have to deregister at your previous place of residence at the city or municipal administration. Since you already had to register there, you will certainly still have the address of this office in mind.

Then you have to register in Thusis. It is practical that you can do everything completely digitally in this municipality in the canton of Graubünden. You can find the online form here.

If you are not a Swiss citizen, you also need to send a copy of your identity card or passport.

After the move to Thusis – this is what you have to do

Finally all your belongings are in your new apartment. In addition, you have completed all the necessary administrative procedures. After the move to Thusis has gone smoothly, you can finally explore your new place of residence.

We recommend that you start by getting to know the sights of Thusis. Besides, there are still some delicious regional dishes that you must try. In the next part, you will find out where to best start.

The location of Thusis

Thusis is located on the northern edge of the Viamala Gorge. To the west of the municipality you will find the Heinzenberg, while to the east you will find the Hinterrhein and the Domleschg. Moreover, the river Nolla flows through the municipal territory.

Sights that you can discover in Thusis

One of the main attractions is the Neudorf. This runs along the main road. It was built after a big fire in 1845 and the architecture of the buildings is mainly influenced by the Italian style.

But not only in the new village you can find a number of interesting buildings. The late Gothic Protestant church, the Rosenroll House and the ruins of Obertagstein Castle are also among the sights in Thusis. If you like visiting old ruins, you should also pay a visit to the ruins of Hohen Rätien in the neighboring community of Sils im Domleschg.

If you feel like exploring the Viamala Gorge, you will find two bridges with interesting architecture there. One is the Punt da Suransuns, the other is the Second Traversinersteg. Both were built after 1990.

The Graubünden plate – the local specialty

Thusis, as we have already mentioned, is located in the canton of Graubünden. For you this means that you should try especially the Graubünden regional cuisine.

Even outside of Switzerland, the Graubünden plate is well known. The main ingredient is Bündnerfleisch, which is dried with herbs and spices for several months.

Outside Switzerland there are many attempts to imitate this dish. However, in the canton of Grisons you can get the original recipe. The meat is sliced very thinly and served together with cucumbers, tomatoes, bread and butter.

Finally, you have made your move to Thusis. Our tips are guaranteed to help you stay on top of the moving stress. If you still have questions, you can of course send us a message at any time.

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