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On this page you will find all our current partner offers. If you and your company are interested in a partnership, please contact us via the contact form.

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Leading storage provider in Switzerland

placeB offers a large network of modern, personal self-storage facilities and is continuously building additional locations in Switzerland.

With the voucher code ICW402 you get an additional 10% discount

Kanzlei Raschle

Kanzlei Raschle

Our partner in the areas of labor law, construction law, inheritance law, acquisition of residential property (incl. Lex Koller), family law, tenancy law and condominium ownership. Do you have legal questions? Do not hesitate to contact our partner, KANZLEI RASCHLE.


SIP Medical Family Office

Today’s healthcare systems are an increasing threat to your health, often putting financial incentives over your wellbeing. It is important to have an independent health expert who truly acts in your interest, when it comes to health insurance as well as medicine.

The SIP Medical Family Office® is the world-leading independent consultant for International Health Management and Global Health Insurance, based in Zurich, Switzerland.



With our partner dasAbomobil you can stay mobile in an easy and uncomplicated way. Large selection of vehicles, as well as different durations for the vehicles, which start at one day and last up to several months, ideal if you are just moving.

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