Before we tell you tips on packing, it must answer probably the most important question: What do you want to take with you and what do you leave behind? Because this decision makes the planning and order of packing a lot easier. For this reason, you should know in advance what should go where and whether a little decluttering should not be done before the move. Many people think about packing only very late and then at the end, when you want to move, you notice quite a few items and documents that you no longer need or that you no longer like. This usually leads to the “famous, infamous moving stress”. We would like to give you a few tips on how to go about packing or what might help you.

Packing should be left to the professionals, this will make your life easier and they will be a lot faster and more professional than you are, because they have practice at it. The only thing you should pack yourself is your personal details, documents and passports or certificates so that nothing gets lost and you have everything important with you in case you need it on your way to move, for example if you are moving internationally at customs.

Tips for packing – you pack yourself

For the items you want to pack yourself, keep a list if possible, this will allow you to move faster and not forget half of them afterwards. Be careful not to use boxes that are too big. The larger and bulkier, the harder it will be later for your helpers to carry and stack them into the van or container. If possible, use small boxes with tabs on the sides, so they are easier to carry and you make it easier for your movers to transport them.
For all suitcases and boxes that have locks, keep your keys carefully, do not give them to your helpers.

What do you need to consider if the professionals pack for you?

If you choose the easier option of leaving the packing to the professionals, be sure to be present on the day to see that nothing is forgotten and to let them know what needs to be packed and what should be left behind.
Write a list for all the items you want boxed and give it to the packers, this can save some work. For the remaining items, such as furniture or other large, bulky items, the movers are quite prepared and know how to pack and transport them, so don’t worry about that.
A little tip on the side, provide the movers with a little something to eat, you will appreciate this gesture very much.
Also, pay special attention to cabinets, or any other furniture that will be left behind. Look through these pieces of furniture again after the professionals have packed everything and check if you have really taken everything out of the cabinets. Furthermore, you should still do a walk through of your entire apartment or house to see if you really haven’t forgotten anything. Also go through your garage, your garden shed and everything else you have or were allowed to use. Check everything there again as well, usually by going around again you will find a few small things that you would otherwise forget.
If it should indeed happen that you realize after your move that you have forgotten something, then you can request a forwarding on the part of the new tenant or the new owner.

We very much hope that we can make your packing easier with these tips and wish you good luck! If you need help for your move, feel free to contact us or book direct your move with us.