Planning is half the battle for a move, because if you plan well in advance, you will have less stress afterwards. Therefore, we have collected some planning tips from our experts to share this knowledge with you.
Important to know is the timing of the move, most people put their move on the school vacations, because of their children or generally on the summer, because they have there free. For this reason, we would recommend to make your move at a different time, if this is possible.

Planning tips for comparing offers

Further, the moving company is very important, here it is important to note that the cheapest may not be the best. Compare a few different companies in advance and find out what activities are included in each case. This can often differ greatly from each other and also explains why some companies are very cheap and others are not. Look here in any case on important information such as:

  1. customs clearance is included
  2. is direct loading and unloading taken care of
  3. at what period of time do they want to come to you
  4. how long is the duration of the move
  5. will your belongings be packed or do you have to take care of that?
  6. do you have to dismantle and pack everything beforehand or will the removal company dismantle the furniture?
  7. who will take care of the reconstruction in the new apartment/house

When you have finished planning this step, there are of course several other preparations that need to be made. If you book with us, we will take care of everything for you, this saves not only nerves but also a lot of time. Because we know where to look and what is needed to have a successful international move.

Planning tips for the move in general

Above all, you should take care of your old lease, terminate it in time and take care of any repairs, gather all the keys, and if it is your task, look for a new tenant. In addition, it is good to cancel club memberships ahead of time and change all providers, i.e. gas, electricity, water, internet, etc. In addition, you should inquire in advance about childcare, i.e. kindergarten, school, etc. to make the transition easier for your children. Also subscriptions as well as bank, insurance, health insurance should inform you that they are moving, or locally then look for a new contact person.
What they definitely should not forget are the following planning steps:

  • Create housing protocol
  • Make a furniture plan to facilitate the move
  • Set up forwarding order (this is really important in case you do forget something or packages are still being sent to your old apartment)
  • Don’t forget to clean out the fridge and defrost your freezer
  • Possibly renovate the new apartment, i.e. paint, touch up small things, etc.
  • Always transport important documents and items yourself! (i.e. documents, passports, money, documents for banks, securities, etc.)
  • Clean the old and new apartment

On the first day of the move, brief the movers, showing them how and what to pack and take with them. If you have prepared a furniture plan, explain to the movers how to understand it. You should also organize food for your helpers for each day of the move and provide a first aid kit in case someone gets hurt.

Once this step is done, so all your furniture and belongings are in your new apartment, you can take care of a few more important matters. If you need a checklist, we have created one for you here.

So here are a few more tips to get you started.

First of all, you should register in your new place of residence, this is done at the competent authority, i.e. the residents’ registration office. If you have any questions about how this is done when you move internationally, our experts will be happy to help you. In the same way, you should re-register your car at your new place of residence. Then you still have to take care of the apartment handover of the old apartment and greet the new owners/tenants there. If this has been done, you can also claim back your deposit.

We hope that we can make your move easier with these planning tips and wish you good luck and much success with your new situation.

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