Do you want to build a new life in another country and therefore need planning tips for international moves? The world offers a variety of beautiful countries where you will surely feel at home after a short time. But here, the process of relocation is much more extensive than when you change your residence within your own country.

Not only do you have to transport your furniture and possessions to your new home abroad. This is because you will also face some regulatory hurdles when moving abroad. If you’d like to know what to consider, check out this article for our planning tips for international moves.

Apply for all documents in time

If you want to live outside of Switzerland, then you should apply for some documents. First, you should check how long your identity card is still valid. If it is about to expire, you should take care of applying for a new one in time.

If you are moving to a country outside the Schengen area, then you should also check if you need a visa for your new place of residence. Especially if you also want to take up a job in another country, you will not be able to avoid applying for a visa. After all, you are not a tourist, but would like to live there for a longer period of time.

Take care of the transportation of your furniture early on

If you are looking into planning tips for international moves, then you should especially think about the transportation of your furniture. Here you should start planning as early as possible.

Above all, you can significantly reduce costs with early preparation. Because transporting your furniture by plane is faster, but costs more than shipping. Furthermore, you are less likely to run the risk of having to accept an overpriced offer due to an emergency.

If you want, you can even sell or give away your old furniture. Finally, there is also the possibility that you buy new furniture in your new place of residence abroad. Optimally, start looking for a partner three months before the move and confirm it about two months before, so you have enough time to get the right offer and the chosen company to plan your move.

Cancel all contracts in time

Every person who lives in their own home is also bound to a number of contracts. Primarily, these are contracts with your electricity provider, your telecommunications provider, and your housing contract. If you move, you must terminate these contracts in good time. When doing so, take into account the notice period so that you don’t cancel too late and spend money unnecessarily because of it.

In addition to these contracts, you probably even have a number of other contracts. Among others can be a membership in the gym. Here, too, you should make sure that you cancel the contract in time.

Label your moving boxes

If you are hiring a moving company to take care of transporting your furniture, be sure to label your moving boxes correctly. This way, the company’s employees will know which room the boxes belong in.

However, here you should be more specific. Sure, everyone knows what a kitchen looks like and where the bathroom is. But apart from you, no one knows which room you want to use as a living room and which as a bedroom. If you also need a study, then that’s already three different rooms that movers can confuse with each other.

To prevent this from happening, you can, for example, take some tape and stick a note on the door. On this you write which room this is. This way, the movers will know exactly where to put your boxes and furniture.

Labeling the moving boxes has some advantages for you as well. If you write on the box what is inside, you will find certain things faster. Then you won’t have to rummage through all the boxes just to find your pan as soon as you want to prepare dinner.

Carry valuables yourself instead

Moving companies offer insurance for your move. However, this only covers a certain value. So, if you have jewelry or deeds, you’d better transport them to your new home abroad yourself.

Of course, you can still choose to have the company transport such high-value possessions for you. In this case, however, you should take out separate transport insurance. Then, in case of doubt, this damage will also be covered if something should happen. Muvzilla offers you this service, and our experts will be happy to advise you on this.

Check if you need insurance

With a reputable moving company, your furniture and boxes are insured from the exact moment the employees start working for you. However, keep in mind that this only includes the furniture and boxes that the moving company has packed themselves. Boxes packed by yourself are not covered.

Of course, your moving costs will go down if you pack the boxes yourself. However, if something does happen, you will be stuck with the damage yourself. In this case, you should also take out transport insurance. This way you will spend a little more money, but still less than if the moving company does the packing for you.

Thanks to these planning tips for international moves, you now know how to ideally prepare for a change of residence abroad. As with moves within Switzerland, proper preparation will save you a lot of stress and hassle when moving abroad.

We are sure that these tips will help you to make your move stress-free. All the best and have fun in your new home!

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