Your ultimate goal should be to have a satisfied customer at the end of your contract. You should aim for a 5 star rating. This requires a few things from you:

  • Answer the customers within the first 1 hour. If you answer a customer 5 minutes after they send a request, your chances of getting a response is 50%.
  • Respect the customer’s contact method and times. You should read the request details well and make sure to communicate with the customer in the right way and at the right time.
  • Be flexible. Most of your customers are busy. If you are flexible with scheduling customer visits, this will get you closer to booking.
  • Quality service. Look your best, pay attention to customer’s every request, be prepared for the work, and leave the location clean. 

Once you follow the advice above, the only thing left is to ask for a review and get a 5 star!

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