Furniture delivery & Small removals

Furniture delivery easier than ever!

Muvzilla’s service will do all the work for you: it will send your requests to registered moving companies. The professional movers will then contact you and issue quotes. Choose the right one for yourself and let professionals handle your request while you enjoy your life!

Your benefit from this

Muvzilla is built for saving you time. It will allow you to receive quotes from rated movers automatically so that you can arrange transportation with peace of mind, in the shortest time possible.

Quick & Professional

Lots of inclusive services: Transportation is provided by moving experts. They carry your furniture into the house and also assemble it in the new home.

Included services

Your quote price automatically includes delivery and installation.

Professional recycling

Our registered service providers are environmentally conscious and will take care of the recycling of your old furniture as well.

Save it!

Save money and nerves with your next furniture delivery: No more tedious comparison of offers, but have furniture transported now.

Furniture delivery is
that simple

During the process we will support you in all aspects to make your delivery a complete success.

Provide a few details

Tell us when you want our movers to go where and if you need to transport a piano or grand piano. Immediately you will receive a quote.

We plan your furniture delivery

Within a few minutes you can exchange with Muvzilla Movers. You can then book them – and off you go.

Ready and satisfied!

Once your piano transport is processed, you can give your stars. That’s it.


You set the time – your helpers will be there. Never rent a vehicle again or haul it yourself.


Much more convenient, faster and often significantly even cheaper than a delivery with conventional companies.


Furniture deliveries are the perfect solution for moving individual pieces – quickly and easily.

What customers say
about Muvzilla?

What customers say about Muvzilla?

  • - I must say I am quite impressed with your reactivity to a last minute request. I totally appreciate it! Thank you.

  • - It was super fast and there were really friendly moving staff. It was great that I didn’t have to take care of the disposal myself. I would definitely recommend it and will be happy to book again next time!

  • - Very reliable transport parnter. All commitments were implemented accordingly with high commitment.

FAQ – Furniture

Früher war das eine komplizierte Angelegenheit. Entweder mussten Sie die Dimensionen ausmessen, Fotos machen oder beim Hersteller danach fragen. Danach mussten Sie sich Gedanken machen, wie Sie das Stück verpacken. Das können Sie sich sparen: Mit Muvzilla erstellen Sie Ihren Auftrag und können Ihren Preis gleich buchen, wenn Sie damit zufrieden sind. Das spart Zeit!

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