Moving a sofa to your new home is one of the most difficult tasks when transporting your furniture. It doesn’t matter if you’re just moving within your community or setting up a new life in a completely different city. But even if you’re not moving, knowing how to transport a sofa can be helpful. Maybe you want to replace your old couch with a new one? In this article you will learn what options you have to transport your sofa. In addition, we will also give you tips on what factors affect the cost and what else you should consider.

Transporting a sofa – on your own or booking through a professional company?

Would you like to get your sofa to your apartment on your own? Then it is best to ask your friends if they can help you. After all, it is quite difficult to transport such a bulky piece of furniture on your own. On the other hand, you can also hire a company. For a complete move, it is best to contact us. However, if it is just a sofa, our furniture moving service is perfectly sufficient.

Transporting a sofa on your own

Would you prefer to bring your couch to your apartment yourself and save the money for a professional company? Then you should pay attention to a few things, so that there are no unpleasant surprises. It is especially important to pack your sofa professionally. For this purpose, you can use numerous materials and tools. Especially blankets and sheets as well as stretch film will protect your sofa from bumps and dirt. Everything you need can be found in any hardware store. The vehicle you use should also be suitable for transporting the sofa. It is already enough if you have a trailer for your car. So you do not need to rent a van. So that also nothing goes wrong, they need risers. This will prevent your couch from sliding back and forth during the trip.

Factors for the price when transporting sofa

Have you decided to have your new sofa transported by one? Then you should definitely know what affects the price. Depending on this, the companies calculate the price of transportation. For one thing, the mass of your couch is relevant. A three-seater will obviously cost more than a two-seater. This is because a larger couch naturally takes up more space. And since many shipping companies often deliver to several customers, you also have to financially compensate for the space used. Another factor is the weight of the couch. The heavier the couch, the more employees the logistics company will have to assign to transport it.

Find a company to transport the couch

Have you decided that you want an expert company to transport your sofa? Then before you hire one, you should get a few quotes beforehand. These are non-binding and there is no cost to you. However, it will help you immensely to find the right company for your needs. You should not only focus on the price. Please also consider what services the companies offer and what general conditions apply. Ask yourself several questions before making a decision. Does the company have liability insurance? Even with the most experienced companies, things can happen. If in doubt, the company should be covered for it. The next point concerns delivery. Do you only want your couch delivered to your doorstep? Then you will save money, but in return you will have to transport your sofa on your own to get it down the stairs to your apartment. If you don’t want that, it will cost you more. But you don’t have to worry any more about how your piece of furniture will find its way into your apartment. If you are going to have a used sofa transported, then security is also an important factor. Do not necessarily rely on the seller to perfectly pack the couch so that no damage occurs during transport. Only with proper padding, this can be avoided. However, if you are buying a new couch, then they are already adequately protected anyway. If you are still unsure, then you can also ask acquaintances if they can recommend a company. Alternatively, you can also still visit various rating portals. There users share what experiences they have had with the companies. Black sheep are quickly unmasked in this way. Now you know what all you need to consider when transporting sofa. If in doubt, we recommend that you prefer to hire a company like Muvzilla. However, in the end it is your own decision. Now you know what things you need to pay attention to when you tackle the transport of your couch on your own. Moreover, we have revealed to you what factors you need to consider when choosing an expert company. Do you have any unanswered questions? Then you can always send us a message. We will answer you promptly and provide you with advice and support. After all, we too want your sofa to arrive in your own four walls in good condition.
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