When you are moving home, there are plenty of things to be taken care of. One of the things you need to be very careful of is moving the refrigerator. When you transport refrigerator, you need to be very careful. The refrigerator is an expensive piece of equipment. It is also sensitive and if not managed well can be damaged. You wouldn’t want to spend money later on repairing a damaged fridge. Worse still, the refrigerator can be completely damaged making you spend money on buying a new one.

To avoid this problem, there are many things to take care of when you transport refrigerator. Taking proper precautions will ensure you don’t face any problems while shifting the refrigerator. The following are seven tips that you need to keep in mind when you are shifting your refrigerator. These tips will help you successfully complete the shifting.

Transport refrigerator – our tipps

1) Empty the fridge

This is, of course, the very first thing to do. You should have done it already. But when transporting your refrigerator you need to ensure this is done. Shifting the fridge with anything in it will cause things to fall. Any liquids will spill. You need to plan this because the moment you take things out of the refrigerator it will spoil. Plan a day ahead so you finish consuming all that is left in the fridge. If anything is still left over, give it to the neighbors.

2) Defrost the refrigerator

There must be no ice in the fridge when you shift it. The ice will break and may move around causing difficulty while shifting. There is also a possibility that the broken pieces of ice may damage something in your refrigerator. To avoid this problem, defrost the refrigerator before the shifting. Then switch off the refrigerator and disconnect it from the plug point. Wipe out the melted water so your fridge is free of ice and water.

3) Remove all the shelves

In most refrigerators, the shelves are removable. You need to remove them before moving. Else, the shelves may come loose while being moved around. They can get damaged or damage some part of your refrigerator. To prevent this problem, remove all the shelves from the fridge and store them safely in a bag, so you can reassemble them later. If it is not possible to remove the shelves, use tape to secure them firmly so they don’t come loose.

4) Close the door

Some fridges come with a lock. Ensure the fridge is locked to prevent the door from opening suddenly and hitting something and getting damaged. If there is no lock, use tape to seal the door tightly. Check if the tape is secure to prevent problems while moving it.

5) Moving needs effort

Once everything is removed from the refrigerator, it would be lighter. That doesn’t mean one man can move it. There is a lot of effort needed in taking the fridge out. You need people to help you. Make sure you have a team to assist you. In case, you have decided to use the services of a moving company you don’t need to worry. They will take care of everything.

6) Handle with care

Your refrigerator looks huge and seems sturdy. But you must remember that it is a delicate piece of equipment. So, handle it with care. Be gentle while lifting and moving it. You can use blankets as cushions to prevent scratches and dents.

7) Keep it vertical

Ideally, you should not keep the refrigerator in a horizontal position while shifting. This can cause the gases, coolants, and oils in it to flow out. This may cause damage to the refrigerator. This is why you should keep the refrigerator vertical while shifting. This is a bit difficult but the aim is to prevent damage so a little extra effort is needed. You can shift it in its box, if available. Once you move it to the destination, leave it vertical and unplugged for a couple of hours before connecting it.

All the above tips are simple and can be easily implemented. When you transport refrigerator while moving house, make sure you follow these tips. You will find that your transporting job happens successfully without any hitches. If you like to book professionals to transport your refrigerator you could do that here.

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