A Guide to Window Cleaning: 6 Tips for a Successful Window Cleaning Project.

Getting your windows clean is a good way to improve the appearance of your home. It will also make the inside of your home look more inviting and pristine. But cleaning windows can be difficult and often frustrating. Here are some tips for getting the window cleaning job done right.

What is window cleaning?

Window cleaning is the process of removing dirt, dust, and other contaminants from a window. There are many different types of window cleaners.

1. Household cleaners:

The most common type of window cleaner is household cleaners. These products contain a variety of ingredients that break down grease and detergent to remove any buildup that blocks your view through the window. The downside to these products is that they can leave streaks on your windows or make them hard to see through.

2. Chemicals:

Chemical-based window cleaners work by dissolving oils and grease in an acidic solution, and then adding surfactants that pull the oil from the windows’ surface so it can be wiped off with a rag or sponge. This type of cleaner typically leaves no streaks or cloudiness behind on the windows, but it can be more expensive than household cleaners.

6 steps to a successful window-cleaning project

The window-cleaning project can be a daunting task, especially since it’s difficult to tell when the windows are really dirty. But with these simple steps, you can ensure that your windows get cleaned without any issues.

1. Start early in the morning or late at night when it’s cooler outside

2. Keep lines and surfaces straight by using an assistant or someone else to hold them in place while you clean

3. Clean windows on both sides of the building for greater visibility

4. Get up really high, or use an extension ladder so you don’t have to bend over as much

5. Wear gloves and safety goggles for protection

6. Have plenty of water, detergents, rags, and squeegees on hand to keep things running smoothly


Make sure you know what window cleaning is before starting your project. If you are in need of a professional to complete your window-cleaning project, be sure to research the company you are working with. Before agreeing on a price, find out how long the project will take and what is included in the price. The best way to higher cleaners is on our Platform, here you find trusted Partners, which are offering you a great service.


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