When it comes to window cleaning, Aarau is one of the most well-kept cities in Switzerland. If you haven’t been there yet, you might be wondering what the best tips are for your window cleaning routine. Well, here are some great tips for cleaning those windows! 

There are different ways to tackle your window cleaning routine depending on which type of windows you have and how easy they are to clean. The best way to know is by asking your partner or other family members. If you’re looking for some more advice on this topic, here are a few quick pointers that will help you create a long-lasting window-cleaning routine.

Basic window cleaning tips

The first tip is to use a squeegee. This is a tool that will help you quickly and effectively clean the window without any streaks or bad marks. There are different types of squeegees that can help you get the job done, so be sure to find one that works best for your window cleaning routine.

The second tip is to use a container of warm water and vinegar (or bleach) to clean the window. This will remove any hard-to-reach spots on your windows and will also give them a nice shine!

The third tip is to look for an abrasive sponge or make your own with sand paper and water if you’re looking for an easy homemade scrubber that won’t scratch your windows.

The fourth tip is to use a squeegee with liquid soap on it if you want to do more than just clean the windows; this will help polish them as well!

And finally, if you have vinyl windows, wipe them down with rubbing alcohol before using your scrubber on the window. This will prevent smearing and streaking, which affects the look of your windows greatly!

Find a window cleaning company in Aarau

There are a few factors that will help you find a trustworthy window cleaning company in Aarau. First, you should ask around and find out what people say about the quality of work provided by different companies. Additionally, you should look for a company that is reputable and has been in business for some time. That way, you can trust your window cleaner with your home’s windows.

If you want to check reviews, go online before hiring a company to clean your windows! This will help you find the best window cleaning company in Aarau without having any risk associated with it.

After all of this, it’s easy to see that finding the best window cleaning company in Aarau isn’t difficult at all. The only thing left for you to do is make a decision on which service provider has caught your eye! The easiest way is, to ask Muvzilla partners direct on our platform for an offer, so you know, you will get a great service and a good price.


There are many ways to help your windows stay clean, and there are plenty of companies that can help you with window cleaning. However, very few of them will have the experience and skills to achieve the results that you need for your windows.

If you are looking for a company in Aarau that can clean your windows well, look no further than Muvzilla. We offer a variety of window cleaning services, from basic window cleaning to complete window replacement.